What is suffrage?
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What is the purpose of the checks and balance system?Keeps and branch of government from becoming too powerfulWhat is a veto?Executive (president) rejection of a billHow can the congress revise a president's decision?By having 2/3 vote against the presidentHow can the Judicial branch check the legislative branch?By declaring laws unconstitutionalHow can the executive branch override a new law created by the legislative branch?The president can veto the lawHow many senators does each state get?2How many representatives does each state get?Depends on the number of people in the stateWho served as the president of the constitutional convention?George WashingtonHow did the Great Compromise combine elements of the Virginia and New Jersey plans?It created a bicameral/two-house legislatureWhen did the constitution officially get into effect?June 1778What is an amendment?An official changeA proposed amendment must have what kind of agreement/vote?Approved by a 2/3 majority of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives)An amendment must be ratified by what kind of agreement/vote?3/4 of the state of legislaturesWhat is the Bill of Rights?The first 10 amendments of the constitutionWhat rights do the Bill of Rights protect?citizens' rightsHw did the Federalist Papers try to assure Americans about the new constitution?It stated that the (national) government would not overpower the states