intro to psych ch 7 pt 1

From a psychological perspective, the term cognition means
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A ________ is the smallest unit of language that conveys some type of meaning.morphemeWhich term refers to the process by which we derive meaning from morphemes and words?sematicsFrom ________ months old, children are most capable of using simple sentences such as "I see."18 to 24A(an) ________ involves approaching a problem in a way that has worked in the past, but it is clearly no longer working.mental setWhich concept is a type of mental set where you cannot perceive an object being used for something other than what it was designed for?functional fixednessWhat is confirmation bias?focusing on information that confirms your existing beliefsRaymond Cattell was a psychologist who ________divided intelligence into two components________intelligence is marked by inventing or imagining a solution to a problem or situation.creativeThe analytical intelligence component of the triarchic theory of intelligence is demonstrated by the ability to ________.analyze, evaluate, judge, compare, and contrastWho developed the triarchic theory of intelligence?Robert SternbergScientists who study cognition are searching for ways to understand how we ________, organize, and utilize our conscious cognitive experiences without being aware of all of the unconscious work that our brains are doing.integrateNot all aspects of cognition are ________consciously experienced________ and ________ are powerful influences on both our thoughts and behaviors.emotion;memorySensations and information are received by our brains, filtered through emotions and memories, and processed to become ________.thoughtsIn psychology, concepts can be divided into two categories: ________ and ________.natural; artificialNatural concepts are mental groupings created naturally through our ________experiencesThe fact that English grammar dictates that most verbs end in-ed to indicate past tense is an example of the ________ component of language.grammarThe word ________ is both a morpheme and a phoneme.IKnowing what a rainbow looks like because you have seen a rainbow is an example of a ________ concept.naturalKnowing what a dinosaur is because you looked through a book with pictures of dinosaurs and watched the film Jurassic Park is an example of a natural concept that was developed through ________ experience.indirectSamara meets a nurse. She immediately assumes he is able to help care for sick people, works long hours, and dispenses advice about illness because her ________ schema suggests that nurses behave this way.roleAfter the first few months of life, babies enter what is known as the ________ stage, during which time they tend to produce single syllables, such as buh-buh, that are repeated over and over.babblingWhich researchers suggested that language determines thought?Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee WhorfGonzalo is attempting to open his car door using the auto lock button on his keychain. He pushes the button twice, but his car door does not open. He continues to push the button even though it is likely that the auto lock feature has stopped working, and he will need to open the door manually with his key. This illustrates a ________.mental setAn anchoring bias occurs when you focus on piece of information versus all of the informationCarmela believes her assistant, Lian, is incompetent. She notices only what Lian does wrong while ignoring the above average quality of most of her work. This exemplifies ________ bias.confirmationNiaz's car breaks down, and he is convinced that it was a predictable event even though there was no way of knowing it would happen. This exemplifies ________.hindsight biasIlayda assumes that her professors spend their free time reading books and engaging in intellectual conversation, because the idea of them spending their time playing volleyball or visiting an amusement park does not fit in with her stereotypes of professors. This exemplifies ________.representational biasIllnesses such as diabetes and stomach cancer kill more than twice the number of Americans than murder or car accidents. However, Zale sees car accidents as more dangerous because he often hears about car accident fatalities on the nightly news, and he doesn't know anyone with diabetes or stomach cancer. Therefore, Zale takes more precautions against car accidents. This exemplifies ________.availability heursticNavigating your way home through an unfamiliar route due to road construction would draw upon your ________ intelligence.fluidTasks that require you to compare, contrast, or evaluate are using the ________ intelligence component of the triarchic theory of intelligence.analyticalKai cuts her foot while hiking. She forgot to pack bandages, but she has a tube of superglue and uses that to seal the wound. Kai's ability to invent a solution uses the ________ intelligence component of the triarchic theory of intelligence.creativeAnwar dresses for a cold fall day and steps outside to find it sunny and hot. He goes back inside to change out of his sweater and jeans into a shirt and shorts. Anwar is demonstrating the ________ intelligence component of the triarchic theory of intelligence.practicalEmily is an adult with a 4th-grade skill level in reading, writing, and math. Her doctor suggests there is no reason she can't find a job and live independently. Which subtype of intellectual disability describes Emily?mildReth is known for his ability and interest in writing. He won an award for his short story, "A Bear in the Woods," and was named Young Poet of the Year at his high school. He is currently working on a book titled, When Harry Potter Attacks. This exemplifies ________ intelligence.linguisticMel is an adult who can take care of his basic needs, but he requires oversight while he paints and someone to check on his living conditions daily. Which subtype of intellectual disability describes Mel?severeNima excels at working with numbers in subjects such as calculus and algebra. This exemplifies ________ intelligence.logical-mathematicalWhich of the following is key to generating a bell curve?sample sizeAram is proficient in playing a number of instruments and can easily learn new songs and rhythms. This exemplifies ________ intelligence.musicalWhich of the following is an example of an abstract, complex concept?patriotismLauren is gifted in the area of body movement. Her ability to balance and coordinate her body's movement enables her to do well in basketball, baseball, and field hockey. Which area of intelligence does this exemplify?bodily kinestheticWhy are event schemata difficult to change? They are ________.automatic