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  1. what is the cultural criticism of Kohlberg?
  2. what is induction
  3. What is the movement through stages influenced by?
  4. what is cognitive moral education
  5. what is Kohlberg's level three
  1. a students learn to value things like democracy and justice does not work in an authoritarian school
  2. b reason and explanation of consequences
  3. c 1. modelling
    2. cognitive conflict
    3. peer relations
    4. role-taking opportunities
  4. d Post conventional reasoning - full internalization
    attainment of the highest level of moral reasoning. acknowledges possibility of conflict between two socially accepted standards and tried to decide between them - control of conflict is now internal.
  5. e moral development is more cultural-specific than envisioned

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  1. asking students to choose but not telling them what their values should be
  2. spanking threatening removing privileges
  3. adolescents were more likely to cheat when their friends pressured them to do so and when the chance of being caught was slim
  4. unfolds in a series of stories
  5. part of level I - orientation towards punishment and obedience - obey the rules to avoid punishment - no grip on intention - ignore the motives of an act and focus on physical form

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  1. explain Kohlberg's critics of moral thought and moral behaviourpeople don't usually engage in harmful conduct until they have justified the morality of their actions to themselves


  2. what is care perspectiveKohlberg - focuses on the rights of the individual; individuals stand alone and independently make moral decisions


  3. critical thinking + service learning =moral development


  4. what is hidden curriculumthe "unwritten rules" classroom rules and peer relations at school transmit attitudes about cheating, lying, stealing and showing consideration for others


  5. What is internalization(Kohlberg) developmental change from behaviour that is externally controlled to behaviour that is controlled by internal standards and principles