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  1. What is one of the best ways to build moral development?
  2. How is moral behaviour situationally dependent
  3. How did Kohlberg believe moral development occurred?
  4. what is love withdrawal
  5. what is service learning
  1. a adolescents were more likely to cheat when their friends pressured them to do so and when the chance of being caught was slim
  2. b get students to do service in community
  3. c unfolds in a series of stories
  4. d induction - more positively related to moral development
  5. e Im going to leave you if you continue to do that

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  1. using a series of moral dilemmas
  2. spanking threatening removing privileges
  3. as they pass from one stage to the next - rather than passively accepting the cultural norm of morality
  4. 1. moral thought and moral behavior
    2. assessment of moral reasoning
    3. culture
    4. gender and the care perspective
    5. behaviour
  5. 1. ethic of autonomy - dominant in western cultures
    2. ethic of community - communes, no individual stand
    3. ethic of divinity - morality is mainly derived from religious prescriptions

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  1. what is kohlbert's stage 4part of level II - social systems, social concern and conscience. What if everybody did it? - concerned with doing their duty, showing respect for higher authority and maintaining the social order - consider an act wrong regardless of motive or circumstances - social contract


  2. What is moral developmentconcerns rules and values about what people should do in their interactions with other people


  3. what is kohlberg's stage 6morality of universal ethical principles - people do what they as individuals think is right regardless of legal restrictions or the opinions of others - what is good for all people


  4. critical thinking + service learning =moral development


  5. what is values clarification(Kohlberg) developmental change from behaviour that is externally controlled to behaviour that is controlled by internal standards and principles


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