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Cowboys and Miners

Chapter 3, Lesson 3
Cattle was worth more in the __________ state - $4 in Texas but $40 in the East.
Transport Cattle
Ranchers needed a way to _________ to the eastern states to make more money.
Started a cattle drive.
Transcontinental Railroad
Cowboys guided huge herds of cattle to this destination so that the herd could be transported to the states in the east.
Dodge City, Kansas
Cattle drives started in Texas and ended in cities like this.
Cowboy Challenges
* Exhausting
* Dangerous
* 16 hours on horseback a day
* Worked 7 days a week for months.
* Had to guard herd at night to protect them against stampedes set off by lightning, coyotes, or other noises. Would sing to herd to keep calm.
* Varied group - Mexican-American and African-American
Nat Love
Famous African-American cowboy.
Late 1880's
Cattle drives came to an end in the _____ _______'s.
* Homesteaders were angry because herds ruined their farms. Fenced their land with barbed wire.
* Expanding railroad lines to Texas decreased need for cattle drives.
Cattle Ranching
Remained popular to provide people with fresh meat.
Nation's leading supplier of meat because it was a major hub for the railroads. Meat was placed on trains to travel all over country.
Gold Rush of 1849
Urged people to move to California.
Within one year
Within this time period, California had enough people to become its own state.
George Jackson
Found gold in Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado. His find sparked another gold rush and people spread all over the mountains in search of gold.
Finding was gold was actually ______.
Gold Dust
Most found ______ ______ and collected enough to deposit into a bank. Required long days of work and lots of patience.
Name given to remote areas when gold miners flocked to an area. Made of diverse people.
A person who starts his/her own business. Ex. restaurants, shops, other ways to meet the needs of people.
Levi Strauss
Invented a sturdy pair of denim pants with buttons and a zipper that miners could wear and not fall apart while working.
"Ghost Towns"
Some towns perished after the gold and silver ran out and became ______ _______.
Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, CA
Some town remained after the Gold Rush and became important cities.