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the gap between the rich and the poor grew dangerously large
As the Han dynasty became more powerful and wealthy
Alexander of Macedon
In 327 BCE India was thrown into political chaos by the invasion of
The kingdom that played a leading role in Indian unification, after the withdrawal of Alexander of Macedon, was
Ancient Indian religion revolved around ritual sacrifices offered by whom?
the fact that they did not recognize social hierarchies based on caste
The greatest contribution of the Jains was
The Jains adhered to the principle of nonviolence to other living things or souls, which is expressed in the word
The Indians political scene changed dramatically in 520 BCE when new administrative techniques were introduced after the invasion of the
The Mauryan emperor, Ashoka, fought his bloodiest battle against
returned to a series of regional kingdoms
After the collapse of the Mauryan Empire, India
the rise of guilds, which essentially served as jati
One of the biggest transformation of the caste system during this period was
White Huns
The eventual collapse of the Gupta states was partially caused by an invasion by the
The Kushans in India reached their peak under
The high point of Mauryan success came during the reign of
Chandragupta Maurya
The first ruler to unify India was
a series of small kingdoms
During the time of the Aryans the Indian political landscape was characterized by
The boddhisatva is associated with what religion?
leading a balanced and moderate life
The Buddha believed that salvation came from
usually consisted of independent, autonomous city states
The political structure of the ancient Greeks
In which polis did women have the most freedom?
The wealthiest of the Hellenistic empire was the _____________ empire
Later Christian scholastic philosophers referred to this man as "the master of those who know"
Which of the Hellenistic philosophers viewed pleasure as the greatest good?
philosopher kings
In "The Republic", Plato proposed that the true rulers of society should be
the most influential female Greek poet
The largest part of Alexander's conquests, essentially the former Achaemenid empire, was taken over by
The decisive naval battle of the Persian War was fought at
The Mycenaeans received early, indirect influence from the Egyptians and Phoenicians through their contact with the
Which of the following words was used the by Greeks to refer to generals or politicians who, although often popular, gained power by irregular means
Women were the chief devotees of the Greek god of wine, who was named