Chapter 12 - Aggression

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what is defined as the intentional behavior aimed at causing harm or pain to another person?
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which theory states that we learn social behavior like aggression by observing and imitating others?social learning theoryhigher rates of homicide in the _____________ United States than the _____________ United States.southern; northernboys and men engage in more _______________ aggression; girls and women engage in more ______________ aggressionphysical; relationalovert acts of aggression such as physical and verbal aggression are most often done by...mencovert acts of aggression such as harm or threatening to harm peer groups are most often done by...womenboys are taught to assert ____________ ______________ with others, males are handled more vigorously by parents and given masculine toys as childrenphysical dominancegirls taught to establish ______________ _______________ with others, females are handled more gently by parents and given more feminine toysintimate connectionsat what age can gender identity be established at?2what are the 3 types of intimate partner violence?situation couple violence, intimate terrorism, violent resistancewhat intimate partner violence is associated with both partners acting out in controlling and violent behavior?situational couple violencewhat intimate partner violence is associated with one partner using coercive control and power over the other partner (i.e. threats and isolation)? men are more likely to be the perpetrators of this.intimate terrorismwhat intimate partner violence is associated with violence enacted by victims as a means of self-defense? women are more likely to be perpetrators.violent resistancecurrent research suggests that men seem to engage in ________ aggression more than women do overall.direct____________ temperatures are related to higher rates of aggression. more violent crimes occur in these months and more acts of violence occur in cities with this average temperature.higherwhat is defined as an object associated with aggressive response and whose mere presence can increase the probability of aggression?aggressive stimuluswatching violence _________ frequency of aggressive behavior, angry emotions, and hostile thoughtsincreaseswhat is defined as being emotionally indifferent to aggression? this results in reductions in emotional response, physiological responses, and perception of brutality.desensitizationwhat is defined as treating enemy as less than human?dehumanizationpunishment, self-awareness, modeling non-aggressive behavior, communication and problem-solving skills, and building empathy are all examples of what?reducing aggression