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  1. perception
  2. Parapsychology
  3. optic nerve
  4. fovea
  5. cochlea
  1. a Study of paranormal phenomena, including ESP and psychokinesis
  2. b A coiled, bony, fluid-filled tude in the inner ear through which sound waves trigger nerve impulses.
  3. c The central focal point in the retina, around which the eye's cones cluster.
  4. d the mental process of sorting, identifying, and arranging raw sensory data into meaningful patterns
  5. e bundle of axons from ganglion cells that carries messages from the eye to the brain

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  1. sense of smell
  2. Controversial claim that perception can occur apart from sensory input; telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition
  3. Diminished sensitivity as a consequence of constant stimulation.
  4. discovered feature detector groups of neurons in the visual cortex that respond to different types of visual images
  5. Hearing loss caused by damage to the cochlea's receptor cells or to the auditory nerves; also called nerve deafness.

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  1. signal detection theoryStates that circumstances, experiences, expectations affect our thresholds


  2. Accommodationdecreasing responsiveness with repeated stimulation. As infants gain familiarity with repeated exposure to a visual stimulus, their interest wanes and they look away sooner


  3. convergence
    visual receptor cells; located in retina; works best in bright light; responsible for viewing color; greatest density in the fovea


  4. feature detectorsnerve cells in the brain that respond to specific features of the stimulus, such as shape, angle, or movement.


  5. pitchsmall opening in the center of the iris