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  1. What is the most obvious sign of Dislocation?
  2. • Signs of fracture include _
  3. What is a strain?
  4. • Rest is often the only treatment needed _
  5. • Rotator cuff injury may occur _
  1. a Excessive stretching of a muscle and its fascial sheath, often involving the tendon.
  2. b _immediate localized pain, decreased function, and inability to bear weight or use affected part. Obvious bone deformity may be present.
  3. c Deformity.
  4. d _gradually from aging, repetitive stress, or injury to the shoulder while falling.
  5. e _for bursitis

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  1. _eight stages of self-healing (union).
  2. Warming up prior to exercising and before vigorous activity followed by stretching.
  3. Self limiting, with full functioning returning within 3 - 6 weeks.
  4. Partial or incomplete displacement of the joint surface.
  5. _repeated or excessive trauma or friction, rheumatoid arthritis, or infection.

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  1. How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused?Pressure from trauma or edema caused by inflammation of tendon (tenosynovitis), rheumatoid arthritis or soft tissue masses.


  2. • Fractures can be classified as __displaced (open) or nondisplaced (closed) depending on communication or noncommunication with the external environment.


  3. What does dislocation require?Prompt attention. Realignment and then immobilization by bracing, taping or using a sling to allow time for ligaments and tissue to heal.


  4. How are strains and sprains classified?First, second or third degree depending on the amount of damage.


  5. What is Dislocation?Partial or incomplete displacement of the joint surface.