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  1. What can reduce the risk of sprains and strains?
  2. • Manifestations of rotator cuff include _
  3. What is Dislocation?
  4. What is Carpal tunnel Syndrome?
  5. How are strains and sprains classified?
  1. a Severe injury of the ligamentous structure that surrounds a joint.
  2. b CTS - caused by compression of the median nerve, which enters the hand through carpal tunnel.
  3. c First, second or third degree depending on the amount of damage.
  4. d _shoulder weakness, pain, and decreased range of motion (ROM).
  5. e Warming up prior to exercising and before vigorous activity followed by stretching.

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  1. Through education and ergonomics.
  2. Signs are weakness, especially in thumb, burning pain, tingling, numbness, and a positive Phalen's test.
  3. Directed toward pain relief and support and protection of the injured joint.
  4. _disruption or break in the continuity of the bone structure.
  5. Rest, ice, compression and elevation.

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  1. • Fractures can be classified as __displaced (open) or nondisplaced (closed) depending on communication or noncommunication with the external environment.


  2. • Rest is often the only treatment needed __for bursitis


  3. • Bone goes through__eight stages of self-healing (union).


  4. What can severe strains require?Prompt attention. Realignment and then immobilization by bracing, taping or using a sling to allow time for ligaments and tissue to heal.


  5. What is a sprain?Injury to ligamentous structures surrounding a joint, usually caused by wrenching or twisting motion.