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  1. How do you prevent CTS?
  2. How can RSI be prevented?
  3. What can severe strains require?
  4. What can reduce the risk of sprains and strains?
  5. What are the symptoms of a sprain and strain?
  1. a Surgical repair of a muscle and surrounding fascia or tendons.
  2. b Through education and ergonomics.
  3. c Prevention involves educating employees and employers to identify risk factors.
  4. d Pain, edema, and decrease in function.
  5. e Warming up prior to exercising and before vigorous activity followed by stretching.

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  1. CTS - caused by compression of the median nerve, which enters the hand through carpal tunnel.
  2. _disruption or break in the continuity of the bone structure.
  3. _fracture of the distal radius. Manifestations are pain, swelling, and obvious deformity of the wrist.
  4. Decrease inflammation and pain for most soft tissue injuries.
  5. Deformity.

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  1. How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused?Pressure from trauma or edema caused by inflammation of tendon (tenosynovitis), rheumatoid arthritis or soft tissue masses.


  2. What is Dislocation?Partial or incomplete displacement of the joint surface.


  3. What is nursing care for a disolcation or subluxation?Similar to dislocation, but may require less time to heal.


  4. What does dislocation require?Prompt attention. Realignment and then immobilization by bracing, taping or using a sling to allow time for ligaments and tissue to heal.


  5. • Traumatic injuries account for __the majority of fractures