Inside Out and Back Again

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Why does Ha's mom choose to flee where she does?Free EducationWhat does Ha wish her cowboy would buy?A horseWhy does Ha's family get baptized?To be more excepted by neighborsWhat does Ha do when Pink Boy comes to beat her up?Kicks himHow does the novel begin?The family celebrates TetHow does Ha's mother come to understand her husband is never coming back?She loses her ringA good theme for the motif of relationships:Strong relationships help us through life's challengesA good theme about the motifs war and powerWar and power change a person's lifea good theme about the motif adaptationAdapting is essential to survivalthe papaya, ha's doll, and the amethyst ring are all examples ofsymbolsmotifA recurring subject or big idea, one wordthemeCentral idea of a work of literature based on a motif; what is the author SAYING about the big idea?StanzaA group of lines in a poem, like a paragraphrhetorical questionA question asked merely for effect with no answer expected.PersonificationA figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudesline breakWhere a line of poetry endsHyperboleexaggeration