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Boil, breast abscess, goiter, intestinal abscess, sprain and contusion


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Boil and red thread boil
Occurs on the face head and extremities
Etiology of boils
Improper diet consisting of Greasy spicy food, invasion of exogenous toxic doctors and contamination of the skin
Symptoms of boils
On the head, face or extremity appears like a grain of millet and yellow or purple color. Blister or pustule with hard bass is formed accompanied by tingling. Increased redness swelling and pain, burning sensation accompanied often with chills and fever. Dreads dreads like line extends proximally at the boil toxicity attacks the interior resulting in a serious condition with high fever restlessness dizziness vomiting impaired consciousness read and tongue with yellow tongue coat and rapid pulse
DU10+DU12+PC4+LI4+BL40= common
LI1+LI11= on the face
LI11+LI20=tip of fingers
GB34+GB44= temporal region
GB34+GB2=if on 4th or 5th toe
Breast abscess etiology
Mental depression
Overtaking fatty foods
Exogenous toxic fire
Breast abscess SX:
Breast redness, swelling & pain
Early stage= lump w/ swelling, distention, pain, difficult lactation, chills, fever, headache, nausea, dire thirst
Growing of the lump= local bright redness, intermittent throbbing pain indicating suppuration
Breast abscess PT TX:
Gb21= release exterior
Ren 12 opens chest qi,
ST18=eliminate pathogenic heat from yangming,
SI1=empirical for abscess,
ST36= pathogenic,
LV3= promote liver Qi,
GB41 (distention & pain in the breast)
Goiter etiology
Exasperation, anxiety or mental depression
Poor condition of soil and water
Insufficiency of iodine
Female constitutions
Two types of Goiter:
Qi goiter
Flesh goiter
Qi Goiter SX
Diffusive swelling in the neck (soft)
Gradually increases in size with unclear margins
Normal color
Absence of pain
Flesh Goiter
Women, below age 40