ARH 2051 Exam 2

st peters basilica and piazza by
maderno and bernini
-curvature in collums= baroque bc its a play on organic art
-arms invite visitors
-large size= baroque
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Salon de la Princesse, Hotel de Soubise by Broffrand -emergence of rococo -no more form style of 17th c -playful, eroctic, and light-hearted -out of touch with outside poverty -pastels and twisted shapes= rococoPilgrimage to the Island of Cythera by Jean Antoine Watteau -just people enjoying themselves -love and intamcacy with the cupid and couples -emphasis on brush strokes -rococoThe Swing by Jean Honore Fragonard -rococo -pastels -playful -depicts and affair -out of touch topicPauline Borghese as Venus by Antonio Canova -neoclassicsm -pillows are progressive and hard to create -multi-material is more modern -venus is classical interestOath of the Horatii by David -moment of tension -stage-like viewing space -men are upright and straigjt -woman are whilted -rise of revolution and upholding honor -historicism -neoclassicismNapoleon crossing the saint Bernard by David -Dramatic -historicism -neoclassicismNapoleon in the Plague House at Jaffa by David -historicism -neoclassicismThe Raft of Medusa by Gericault -classical interst -neoclassicism -dramaticLiberty leading the people by Delacroix -romanticism -rise of revolution -departs from Neoclassicism -extremely theatricalThe burning of the House of Lords and commons by JMW Turner -romanticism -ex of the sublime -landscapeThe Oxbow by Thomas Cole -landscape -romanticism -divisionThe Birth of Venus by Cabanel -odalisque body -not realistic -academic paintingThe Snake Charmer by Jean Leon Gerome -orientalism interest in cultures not their own -colonialismThe Stone Breakers by Courbet -realism -mundane and ordinary of Parisian society -contrast to rococo -political statement -avant garde=against the academyBurial at Ornans by Courbet -realism -non religious portrayal of religious event -a normally dramacized topic portrayed ordinarily -anti-salon and academy (avant garde)The Gleaners by jean Francois Millet -realism -less harsh pallet contradicts harsh topic (visual juxtaposition) -avant gardeThe Luncheon on the Grass by Eduardo Manet -unsettling -avant garde -against the academy -painterly -scandalous and immoral (woman) -when they started opening salons to non academic artists -realism/ modern art -no linear perspective or perspective at all

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