PSYC311 Exam 3 Review

Which of the following is NOT a sensory modality?
angular motion
linear motion
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Wilder Penfield was able to map out the somatosensory cortex in locating which regions elicit sensations on various bodily areas. This work enabled the depiction of the _________, which graphically displays the relative size of bodily areas based on how much of the somatosensory cortex is devoted to these areas.
The experience of taste coupled with smell is typically identified as what?flavor_______ papillae provide no information regarding tastefiliformWithin papillae are slender projections called ________, which are activated by different substances.microvilliSupertasters have a larger density of what type of papillae?FungiformHumans are drawn to ______ foods as our nerves and muscles depending on consumption of the ions contained in these foods.salty