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Basic Chemistry

Basic Chemistry 2/17/09
Refers to anything that takes up space and has mass
Is a substance that cannot be broken down to simpler substances with different properties by ordinary chemical means
Atomic symbol
Abbreviation of element name
Atomic number
number of protons
Atomic weight
The number of protons + the number of neutrons
3 types of subatomic particles
Proton(+charge) with 1AMU, Electron (-charge) 0AMU, and Neutron (no charge) 1AMU
Element with a change in the number of neutrons. They can be radioactive
Ionic Bonding
Bond between opposite ions
Covalent Bond
Bond resulting from the sharing of electrons
Hydrogen Bond
Bond with hydrogen
Peptide Bond
Bond with amino acid and a protein
Disulphide Bond
Two sulfur molecules used to compact large structures
Properties of water
Water is sticky. Water molecules are cohesive and adhesive.
water molecules stick to each other
Water molecules stick to something else
Can filter UV radiation, it expands as it freezes and can moderate PH (0c-100c) or (32F-212F)