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Vocabulary cards with full defenition .


to have difference with another ; a noisy quarrel


concern for the welfare of others ; unselfishness


lasting for a very short time ; transitory ; not everlasting


an inscription on a tombstone in memory of the person buried there ; a brief summart of a dead person's life


a typical representation of something ; a person who embodies a quality


referring to the name of a person , a mythical being , or a literary figure associated with something , or to a word incorperating the name of such a person


an example serving to illustrate a process , pattern , or concept


a statement that seems contradictory but contains a truth or valid deduction


a model of excellence or perfection


in mathematics , a constant that has a variable values and is used to determine other variables
a factor that determines a range of variations ; a boundary


walking or traveling about


pertaining to the boundary of a area
of minor importance


a person or thing detested and shunned
a curse , especially a formal church ban or excommunication


an exact opposite ; a complete contrast
a rhetorical form juxtaposing contrasting ideas , often in parallel structure


a word or phrase used positively or negatively that characterizes or describes a person or thing , added to or replacing a name

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