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Why does Moses flee to Midian?
Moses flees to Midian because he killed a man and he was afraid.
What makes Moses return to Egypt?
Moses returns to Egypt because God told him to bring the Israelites out of Egypt.
Why were the israelites enslaved in Egypt?
The israelites were enslaved in Egypt because the pharaoh was afraid that the israelites were going to take over, so he enslaved them.
Who was enslaving the israelites?
The pharaoh
How does God first appear to Moses?
God first appears to Moses in a burning bush.
Why is Moses hesitant to answer God's request?
Because he thinks people won't believe him. Also moses doesn't like public speaking.
How does God allow Moses to fix this?
God brings Aaron to do the talking.
What does God tell Moses about the pharaoh?
God tells Moses that the pharaoh won't listen to him.
How many plagues does God send?
God sends ten plagues.
What happened during passover?
Every family had to get a lamb and then smother the blood of the lamb on their doorpost. Then the angle of death went through the town striking every firstborn unless they had lambs blood on their doorpost.
Who celebrates passover today?
Jewish people celebrate this feast today.
What are two reasons why Moses is an epic hero?
1. Moses helped the israelites leave Egypt
2. Moses demonstrated bravery and courage
Why does God send the Israelites the way he does?
Because God doesn't want he people realize they have to fight and return back to Egypt.
What happens at the Red Sea?
Moses stretched out his hand over the sea. And god turned half of the sea into dry ground. The sea was split into two so only the Israelites could walk on the dry land.
What is the significant of the 'manna' given to the Israelites in the desert?
It shows that God cares for them, it is the bread of life also known as the eucharist.
What happens at Mount Sinai?
At mt. Sinai God tells Moses the ten commandments
How many commandments are there?
what is the first commandment?
Thou shall have no other God
what is the second commandment?
Do not use Gods name in vain
what is the third commandment?
Keep holy the Sabbath day
what is the fourth commandment?
Honor your father and mother
what is the fifth commandment?
You shall not kill
what is the sixth commandment?
You shall not commit adultery
what is the seventh commandment?
thou shall not steal
what is the eighth commandment?
Do not bear false witness against your neighbor
what is the ninth commandment?
You shall not covet your neighbors house
what is the tenth commandment?
You shall not covet your neighbors goods
Compare the covenant God made with Abraham and the one he made with the Israelites.
The covenant they both make is about family and love
Contrast the covenant God made with Abraham and the one he made with the Israelites
The covenant that God made with the Israelites is about a group of people and Abraham's covenant was only about one person.
The sacred chest that housed the holy presence of God, as well as the tablets containing the Decalogue.
ark of the Covenant
The ten laws, or Decalogue, given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai as the fundamental rules of conduct for the Chosen People. Mitzvot is the Hebrew term for "commandments."
Commandments of God (Mitzvot)
to declare or set apart as sacred or to solemnly dedicate to God's service; to make holy.
The ten sayings, or instructions. Another name for the Ten Commandments.
A person in the Hebrew tradition who is consecrated to God. As a sign of dedication to God, the person would abstain from alcohol and unclean food and leave her or his hair uncut.
This is the Jewish festival that memorializes the Exodus from Egypt. This festival commemorates the creation of a new people, a society of justice based on a sacred trust between Yahweh and Israel.
The Greek name for the first five books of the Old Testament means five-part writing. These books are also called Torah in Hebrew.
A painful affliction, disease, severe calamity, or judgment by God
Interpreter or spokesperson. A person chosen by God to communicate a salvific message. Not necessarily one who predicts the future, but a messenger of God's word.
"To make holy." This word refers to an offering made to God by a priest on behalf of the people as a sign of adoration, thanksgiving, petition, and communion. In the Old Testament it was needed to atone for infractions from the law and reconcile the covenant relationship with God.
A portable tentlike structure in which the Israelites kept the ark of the Covenant in a special curtained-off section called the Holy of Holies. This was where the Israelites worshipped and made their sacrifices. It was the "dwelling" of God among his people.
An experience of God that alters human life. God breaks into the human dimension to deepen or change the individual or communal understanding of God.
The most sacred of the Old Testament names for God, which he revealed to Moses. It is frequently translated as "I AM" or "I am who am."
A Jewish holy day referred to as the Day of Atonement. It is observed on the tenth day of Tishri and is observed with prayer and fasting. Repentance is symbolized by a scapegoat driven in to the wilderness to repent and atone for the sins of the previous year (see Leviticus, chapter 16).
Yom Kippur
why is Moses life so interesting?
Because he faced many impossible obstacles.
Who was Moses raised by?
Pharoah's daughter
When did God appear to Moses?
When he was grown up.
What did Moses do for the Israelites?
He led them to a miraculous escape from the Egyptian army/pharoh