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  1. procure
  2. ensconce
  3. nonplused
  4. languid
  5. imprudent
  1. a (adj.) drooping; without energy, sluggish
  2. b (adj) lacking in judgment or caution
  3. c (v.) to obtain through special effort; to bring about
  4. d (adj) perplexed; bewildered
  5. e (V.) To settle comfortably and firmly in position; to put or hide in a safe place

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  1. (adj.) actual, true, real
  2. (adj.) roomy, spacious
  3. (adj.) rude, insolent
  4. (n.) a state or scene of uproar and confusion
  5. (adj.) innocent, simple; frank, sincere

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  1. alacrity(n.) a cheerful readiness; brisk and eager action


  2. sensuousness(n.) a sensuous feeling


  3. bourgeois(adj.) roomy, spacious


  4. ennui(adj.) drooping; without energy, sluggish


  5. unscrupulous(adj.) innocent, simple; frank, sincere