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EVERY/SOME/NONE type of mature CT has immature '-blasts' cells


____blasts are in loose and dense CT

matrix (ground and fibers)

immature '-blast' cells often divide and secrete _____

bone and cartilage

immature '-blast' cells become mature '-cyte' cells in ____ and ____ CT

macrophages, plasma cells, mast cells, adipocytes, white blood cells (MAPWM)

there are 6 main types of cells in matrix of connective tissue: list them....


_____ are usually the most numerous cells in CT.


_______ are flat cells that excrete fibers and some of ground substance


fibroblasts produce _______


a ______ is a kind of white blood cell that is a big irregular blobs that eats bacteria and debris and is found in CT matrix, but not the most common white blood cell


_____ cells make antibodies


_____ cells are most abundant in CT that underlays epithelial tissue.


_____ cells produce histamine and therefore is part of the bodies inflammatory response


_______ dialates blood vessels and restricts broncial making breathing more difficult


_______ are fat cells found in CT that store triglycerides

skin and organs

adipocytes are stored deep in ____ and _____

white blood

there are not many ____ cells found in CT and only when there is an infection.

neutrophils and eosinophils

There are two main types of white blood cells in CT:
_____ and _____


____ is a kind of white blood cell that is involved in allergic reactions where there is parasitic invasion

ground substance

_____ contains water, proteins and polysaccharides.

glycosaminoglycans or GAGs

the colleccive name for the polysaccharides in the ground substance of CT is ________


_______is the main adhesion protein in the CT matrix is mainly involved in gluing cells to matrix (but also trapping and linking)


______ in the CT attract WATER

hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate

2 important GAGs (polysaccharides) in CT are: ______ and _______

hyaluronic acid

the GAG _____ in CT is viscous, slippery and lubricates.


hyaluronic acid is a GAG found in ____

Sperm and white blood cells

____ cells and _______ cells produce an enzyme to break down hyaluronic acid (hyaluronidase) to make it more watery so that they can move easier.

hyaluronidase, bacteria

unfortunately ________ (the enzyme produced by white blood cells for easier migration) in connective tissue helps ______ spread quickly.

chondroitin sulfate

______is a GAG found in cartilage bone and skin and blood vessels

kermatan, keratan

____ sulfate and ______sulfate are minor GAGs found in CT.


______ are cartilage CT cells


________ are in bone CT cells


are White blood cells (apart from macrophages) that are phagocytes

collagen, elastic, reticular

There are 3 main fibers found in CT: ____, ____, ____

collagen, elastic, reticular

___ and ___ fibers in CT are made of PROTEIN while _____ fiber is made of protein (elastin) wrapped in glycoprotein (fibrillin)


_____ is strong but the most flexible fiber in CT and is found in the lungs and blood vessel


______ fibers found in CT are parallel bundles, are strong and somewhat flexible.


______ fibers are found in bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and areolar CT


_____ fibers are the most tough fiber


_____fiber is found in loose CT of basement membranes, the spleen and lymph nodes.


___ fibers form a framework of thin fibers in areolar and adipose (both loose CT) and smooth muscle tissue.

hyaluronic acid

the GAG found in joints is ______


_____fiber is found in loose CT of the spleen and lymph nodes.


cells in ______ of CT vary widely depending on the type, but include the followingmacrophages, plasma cells, mast cells, adipocytes, and white blood cells

ground substance, connective tissue

GAGs are found in the ________ of _______


____ are polysaccharides in ground substance

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