Configuring Windows Unit 10 Quiz

The most commonly accessed event logs are located in the Applications and Services Logs node. True or False?
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Your computer sign-in screen is visible, but after you enter your sign-in credentials the computer fails to sign in and present your desktop, then finally it restarts and takes you back to the sign-in screen. You want to get in to the Windows Recovery environment. What key do you hold down when you restart the computer to start the Windows Recovery environment?
Which backup and restore function can use to set a computer back to its factory default settings without any additional media?System ResetWhich backup and restore function can you use to create system image that includes the apps you have installed?Recovery DriveWhat is the most common physical symptom of insufficient memory?high levels of disk activityFile History is designed to roll back device drivers. True or False?FalseWhich of the following can Task Manager monitor? (Choose all that apply.)system CPU utilization user CPU utilization process CPU utilizationEach Data Collector Set can contain only a single counter. True or False?FalseWhich tool can you use to gather screenshots of a user demonstrating a problem?Steps RecorderWhich Performance Monitor component records log files?Data Collection SetsA device driver can't be rolled back in Device Manager, but you suspect that the driver is the reason you are having problems. Which of the following actions should you take?Update the driverWhich Performance Monitor component analyzes logs by using XML-based rule files?Reports