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Similes: 100 similes and examples

Similes and examples
as cool as a cucumber
to be calm and relaxed, especially in a difficult situation
(During the awful, horrifying accident, he remained as cool as a cucumber
as thin as a rake
very thin
(As he never ate much, his arms were as thin as a rake)
as bold as brass
very brave and confident; not afraid to say what you feel or take risks
(That devilish monkey which stole my banana was as bold as brass!)
as thorny as a rose bush
very thorny
(The old man's beard is as thorny as a rose bush; I won't touch it!)
as smooth as glass
very smooth
(He washed his face until it was as smooth as glass).
as bright as the moon
very bright
(After finding a bag full of jewels, the young man's eyes looked as bright as the moon)
gleamed like pearls
shining very brightly
(Amazed by the sight of the famous singer, the little children's eyes gleamed like pearls)
as green as mold
very green
(Her teeth look as green as mold; she needs to brush them more often!)
as soft as velvet
very soft
(The cover of my new book is as soft as velvet)
as gentle as a lamb
very calm and kind
(If you are going to look after my cat Ichigo, you'll have to be as gentle as a lamb)
as fiery as a volcano
quickly or easily becoming angry
(The giraffe living next door has a fiery temper)
as black as pitch
completely black
(Pitch.n. a black sticky substance made from oil or coal)
as black as coal
very black
(The pirate's evil eyes are as black as coal)
as clear as crystal
very easy to understand/ easy to see
(The water in the Mediterranean sea is as clear as crystal)
as easy as taking candy from a baby
very easy or simple
(Beating my little sister at chess is like taking candy from a baby)
as thin as a rail
very thin
(This path is as thin as a rail)
as red as rubies
very red
(These fresh tomatoes are as red and shiny as rubies)
as soft as silk
very soft or gentle
(The singer's sweet voice sounded as soft as silk)
as slippery as an eel
very slippery
as warm as toast
very warm in a pleasant, comfortable way
(This chair feels as warm as toast; has anybody been sitting on it?)
as big as a building
very big
(I didn't want to play basketball against him as he was as big as a building)
as clean as a whistle
very clean
By the time we had finished mopping the floor it was as clean as a whistle; you could have eaten your dinner on it)
as rough as sandpaper
very rough
as dead as a door-nail
completely dead, extinct
as fresh as the air in spring
very fresh
as stubborn as a mule
very stubborn and obstinate
as ugly as sin
very ugly and unpleasant to look at
as crooked as a witch's hat
very dishonest
as soft as a daffodil's petals
very soft
(The falling cherry blossom felt as soft as daffodil petals)
as blue as the deepest ocean
completely blue
(Her piercing eyes were as blue as the deepest ocean)
as fragile as a house of cards
easily destroyed or spoilt
(This igloo is as fragile as a house of cards; I want to leave before it collapses!)