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after the lin's dinner party , the narrator and Meg both get - from Dariy queen.


The lin family came to the united states from -


at the fench restaurant, the narrator's family embarrassed her by slurping their


with the help of his new friends. the narrator;s brother learned how to play - and earned a spot on his school team


after the narrator rode a boys bicycle , her mother agreed to buy - for her

ppl must be patient and understanding when learing the customs and etiquette of other cultures

which of the following sentences migth be considerd a theme of the all amercian slurp?

to arrive and settle in

to immigrate means to - and - a new country or region


- is the use of words of phrases that sounds like what they name

a central idea tha the work conveys

a theme in a literary work is


the lin family - fom china


slurp ,zzzz-zip and crunch are examples of


which of the following is an example of onomatopiea

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