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push hard and push fast

When you do compressions you must _________


for ____ you compress at a rate of at least 100/min with a depth of at least 2 inches (5cm)


for ____ you compress at a rate of at least 100/min with a depth approximately 2 inches


for ____ you compress at a rate of at least 100/min with a depth approximately 1 1/2 inches. (4cm)

begin chest compressions

If within 10 seconds you don't feel a pulse or are not sure if you feel a pulse you should...


always ___ the victim for a response and look for normal or abnormal breathing.

shout for help

If there is no response and no breathing or no normal breathing such as gasping you should...

Agonal Gasps

____ are NOT normal breathing, and may be present in the first minutes after sudden cardiac arrest

Shout for help

if you are alone and find an unresponsive victim not breathing you should..

lone rescuer

_____ should use the compression - ventilation ration of 30 compressions to 2 breaths when giving CPR to victims at ANY age


always put the heel of one hand on the center of the victims _____ on the lower half of the breastbone


always put the heel of the other hand on ____ of the first hand

directly over your hands

your arms should be straightened and your shoulders should be _____


at the end of each compression be sure to allow the chest to _____.

chest recoil

allows blood to flow into the heart and is necessary for chest compressions to create blood flow.


____ pump the blood in the heart to the rest of the body.

firm ground

always do CPR on a _____ ground.

2 rescuers

bag masks are ONLY used when there are _______

chest compressions

in 2 rescuer cpr rescuer ONE needs to stay at the victims side and perform...

maintain an open airway and give breaths

in 2 rescuer CPR rescuer TWO needs to ....

immediately resume CPR and begin with chest compressions

If no shock is needed, and after any shock delivery by the AED you should...

the carotid or femoral pulse

Where do you check for the pulse if the victim is a child?


when a second rescuer comes for a child the chest compressions ration is _____


the term that is of one year or less of age

compression depth

at least one third the chest depth, approx 1 1/2 in.


for ____ you give one breath every 3 seconds and check for pulse every 2 minutes

2 thumb encircling hands technique

the type of chest compressions a peson should do if there are two rescuers at the scene

2 min

if two rescuers you should switch every ____ to avoid fatigue

6 to 8 seconds

for breaths of both adults and children 1 breath should be every _____ per minute

too quickly or with too much force

if you give breaths _____ air is likely to enter the stomach rather than the lungs which can cause gastric inflation

gastric inflation

this develops during mouth-to-mouth or mouth to mask or bag mask. and can have many complications such as vomiting


True or False? Gastric Inflation can be caused even when giving the right amount of breaths.

emergency response system

if a person is choking and becomes unresponsive you should...

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