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When Lyft tries to understand what customers are looking for in booking a ride, it is thinking about the component of the product offer.
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Sayid is deciding whether to purchase brand-name dress shirts or a less expensive store brand. He has purchased other shirts with the same brand name in the past but was only marginally satisfied—despite the cost. In this situation, Sam is likely to purchase the store-brand shirts because at lower cost they offergreater perceived value.Squeaky Clean Car Wash uses punch cards to reward customers who make $60 in purchases with 20% off their next purchase. This punch card is one way Squeaky Clean is buildingloyalty to the brand.Coca-Cola is a huge national brand manufacturer. By owning its own brands, Coca-Colaretains greater control over its marketing strategy.During his recent business trip, Jackson stayed in a hotel across the street from a restaurant that had a Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins ice cream store in the same building. These two restaurant chains being located together represents the idea ofco-branding.What brand strategy is TCBY, the frozen yogurt chain, using when it decides to add a new flavor to its menu?a line extensionValerie was surprised to see Procter & Gamble's Head and Shoulders shampoo being promoted as a glamorous health-oriented product. She always thought of Head & Shoulders as an anti-dandruff shampoo. The new ads suggest that Head & Shoulders has most likely beenrebranded.Rafael developed a mouthwash using only natural ingredients, and he has been quite successful selling the product in health food stores and some grocery stores. He has recently developed a toothbrush made of bamboo and natural components. Rafael is considering a ________, giving the toothbrush the same brand name as the mouthwash in order to create greater brand awareness.brand extensionAri tried a new low-calorie chip and thought it was awful. He was especially disappointed because he liked the mixed-nut bar marketed under the same brand name. Now he wasn't sure he even wanted to buy the bars he liked before. This highlights a problem in branding known asbrand dilution.What U.S. government agency has the primary responsibility in reviewing food and package labels to ensure claims made by the manufacturer about the product are true?Food and Drug AdministrationWhat is an example of primary packaging?the dental floss dispenser