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  1. zaudern, zögern
  2. unterrichten
  3. das Seminar, -e
  4. lehren
  5. das Studium, (ohne Pl)
  1. a college, course of studies
  2. b to teach at a school or postsecondary institution, to teach the basics of a skill
  3. c to procrastinate
  4. d seminar class
  5. e to teach a class or subject, instruct

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  1. institution of higher learning
  2. to study, prepare for one´s math class
  3. lecture class
  4. to attend a college, to go to college
  5. to teach someone a skill, show how something is done

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  1. die Klasse, -ngrade level in primary or secondary school


  2. an der Universität studieren, auf die Universität gehento attend the university, to go to the university


  3. sich auf die Prüfung vorbereitento do one´s homework


  4. büffeln, paukento procrastinate


  5. seine Aufgaben machento enroll in a class, to take a class


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