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  1. gebildet sein
  2. eine Allgemeinbildung
  3. die Klasse, -n
  4. die Vorlesung, -en
  5. das Studium beenden / abschließen / absolvieren
  1. a to finish college / one´s studies, to graduate
  2. b a general education
  3. c lecture class
  4. d to be well educated
  5. e grade level in primary or secondary school

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  1. to study for the test
  2. to teach a class or subject, instruct
  3. college education
  4. institution of higher learning
  5. educational system

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  1. der Kurs, -eclass, course


  2. lehrento teach at a school or postsecondary institution, to teach the basics of a skill


  3. seine Aufgaben machento do one´s homework


  4. an der Universität studieren, auf die Universität gehento attend a college, to go to college


  5. das Seminar, -eclass, course