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Mrs. Hall
unrestrained cell growth that has escape the normal controls of the cell cycle
genetic disorder
any malfunction or malformation of an individuals body that is cause by a gene or group of genes
causes cells to begin to divide uncontrollably, if the cells overwhelm the tumor suppressor genes, a tumor starts to grow
the change in form that an organism undergoes, is controlled by the expression of the genes
cancers that spread beyond the boundaries of the original tumor to other parts of the body
homobox gene
the master control gene, tells genes when to turn on and off
cancer cells that stay within the body of the tumor and do not spread to other parts of the body
gene expression
the activation of turning of a gene that results in its transcription and the production of a specific protein
proto - oncogenes
code for proteins that stimulate cell division directly or by producing other proteins that affect the synthesis of growth factors
tumor suppressor genes
produce proteins that prevent uncontrolled cell growth
to lack a dark-colored pigment called malanine, which is necessary to make most of the pigments that color various parts of the body
any substance that increases the risk of cancer
an abnormal mass of cells produced by abnormal cell divisions