21 terms

Carpentry Terms

Carpentry terms for framing a house.
Lumber used to give support and additional strength to another piece of lumber.
Cap Plate
A principal piece of lumber which strengthens the top of a wall. Allows one wall to tie o another and serves as a junction.
Channels & Corners
An arrangement of lumber used at the corner of a wall or along its interior so that adjoining walls can be attached and nailed.
Stud size lumber cut in proper lengths and used as a support between the top plate and door or window header and between the window sill and sole plate.
Fascia Board
The lumber nailed to the ends of the tp chords of the tresses to give a finished look to the roof
Are stud size lumber used between studs in a wall to eliminate upward drft, thereby choking a fire that might start in a wall
Gable fill
2 by 4 lumber used to support the top chord of the truss and provide backing for nailing finish material
Connectors used to bind together truss chords and webs at the joints. They can be made out of wood or metal.
Heavy lumber used to support the area above an opening. Headers are used above door and window openings.
Lumber put into a wall so the wall will be stable and remain square.
Ridge blocking
2 by 4 lumber placed between trusses at the ridge of the roof which keeps the trusses stable and vertical.
2 by 4 lumber that serves as the bottom of the opening for a window
Sole plate
a principal piece of lumber that serves as the bottom of a wall and to which studs, trimmers and cripples are nailed.
used for support and connect the sole and top plates.
Sway brace
gives good support to a truss and the roof structure.
driving a nail at an angle through 2 pieces of wood
Top plate
A principal piece of lumber that serves as the top of a wall and to which studs and cripples are nailed
used to support door and window headers and window sills
is a framework made up of lumber members called chords and webs which form a light, strong and rigid structure.
Truss chord
used to make the top and bottom chords of the truss
Truss web
gives support and strength to the truss