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  1. impinged (on)
  2. abstemious
  3. idly
  4. ethereality
  5. truncated
  1. a not self-indulgent, esp. when eating and drinking
  2. b extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world
  3. c with no particular purpose, reason, or foundation
  4. d shortened by cutting off the top or the end
  5. e have an effect or impact, esp. a negative one

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  1. an urgent need or demand
  2. provide evidence to support or prove the truth of
  3. (of a person) generous or doing good.
  4. walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace
  5. sarcastic in a scathing and bitter way

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  1. cort├Ęgea solemn procession, esp. for a funeral


  2. indignationan act or action of admonishing; authoritative counsel or warning


  3. forlornlypetty; trivial


  4. ostensiblynot self-indulgent, esp. when eating and drinking


  5. belligerenceaggressive or warlike behavior