A&P BSC 1084c Ch 10, 11,14

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a.) Where are our hormones produced?
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The pancreas is located in the upper abdominal cavity between the _______________ and the _______.duodenum, spleenThe adrenal glands are located on top of the _______________.kidneysThe ovaries are located in the pelvic cavity on either side of the _______________.uterusThe testes are located outside the abdominal cavity in the _______________.scrotumLarge blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called - capillaries - arteries - venae cavae - veinsarteries ?Blood leaves the left ventricle through an artery known as the ________. -coronary sinus -pulmonary trunk -aorta - superior vena cavaAorta?The term that means heart contraction is ________ -fibrillation - diastole -tachycardia -systoleN Aoxygenated blood nourishing the myocardium comes from vessels that branch of off the aorta called _____ -Vena cava - coronary arteries - pulmonary arteries - pulmonary veinsarteries ?The vessel that carries oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the fetus is the_______ -umbilical artery -ductus arteries -hepatic portal vein -umbilical veinUmbilical vein ?The visceral layer of the serous pericardium is actually the same layer as the ____ -myocardium - fibrous pericardium -endocardium -epicardiumN AWhen is the SA node located in the heart ?N APartition where the bundle branches are located is called ? - left atrioventricular(AV) groove -right AV groove -interatrial septum -interventricular septumN AWhere is the AV node located?N AVeins draining the head and arms empty into the ________, which carries blood to the right atrium of the heart. -superior vena cava - inferior vena cava - great saphenous vein - common iliac veinN AThe SA node, located in the right atrium of the heart, is often called - pacemaker -AV bundle -pericardial cavity - auriclepacemakerThe walls of the _______ are substantially thicker because that chamber acts ad the more powerful systemic pump of the heart - R ventricle - R artium -L ventricle - L atriumLeft ?During mid-to-late diastole, blood flows from the atria to the ________. -aorta -ventricles pulmonary trunk -lungsN AThe organs served by the renal arteries and veins are the ?N AThe vagus nerve operates under the control of the parasympathetic nervous system and causes the - heart rate to increase - heart rate to increase, then decrease - blood pressure to increase - heart rate to decreaseheart rate to decrease ?The bicuspid valve is also referred to as the ______ valves -aortic -semilunar -mitral -pulmonaryN ALarge veins have ________ to prevent the backflow of blood. -tunics -shunts -valves -sphinctersvalves?what is the correct order of passageways, from proximal to distal? - terminal bronchiole, aveoler duct, bronchole -terminal bronchiole, respiratory bronchiole, aveoler duct -aveoler duct, respiratory bronchiole, terminal bronchiole -respiratory bronchiole, terminal bronchiole, aveoler ductN AThe portion of the serous membrane that covers and adheres to the lungs is called______ -parietal pleura -visceral pleura -fibrous sac -pleural cavityN AThe main bronchi enter the lungs at an area called the ______ -pulmonary indentation -hilum of the lung - pleural connection -pelvis of the lungN AThe function of the respiratory system is to _______ - create oxygen and break carbon dioxide -convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and carbon -supply the body with oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide -supply the body with oxygen and carbonN AWhat type of epithelium lines the trachea?N A