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DOS/DOD are permitted how many foreign aids-1 USSS is permited how many foreign aids- 2USSS is permited how many foreign aids-2Prior notification-Written/oral notification issued by the special events division or watch commander to USCP division offices that authorized LEO agents will be requesting access to the capitol buildings.LEO escort required-Can carry a firearm while on duty, Always verify credentials, no admin search. Other agencies when in capitol. Must make contact prior to doing so.Gallery pass-encourages constituents to visit their members office and be placed on a mailing list. Giving out, open for house and senate.Identify restricted areas of the US capitol—Basement, first floor, second floor, 3rd floor, center.IF card is lost or stolen what do you do-do the approporaite reports for the card missing.If USCP card is confiscated or recovered you need to fill out a whatvCP-254. In a envolope and turned into supervisor.Congressional license plates-each member has one, can be placed on dashboard, Members can loan the plates to a stauffer if needed.117th congressional pins-Elected congressional representatives pins to all members, including families. Members with pin are exempt from screening. Or ID cardsMedical exemptions cards -pacemakers, expected mother.One day temp access card-mirror your real card, will de activate by the next day.LE-P—Protection, need escort authorized agents assigned to protection details or expressly authorized by the chief of police. Have gunsLE-L—Liaison, work for a specific member or committee or expressly authorized by the chief of police. No escort.Sworn and outside LE-dark blue, exempt from screening, issued by Chief of police.Light brown-business hours access only, 5am-8pmbLue cards-24/7 access security screeningBAC card-building access cards,-Who is not allowed to make deliveries into congressional buildings-commercial shippers, they are not allowed to delivered in building. Ex- Fedex UPS,Government printed materials-can go straight throughWho is allowed to make deieveres into building-Only congressional staff and other federal agency staff with their ID may deliever anything as long as they are delivering goes through security screening. Ex, food flowers, containers,What is a seal—it is a numbered and colored plastic tie, color changes per day.Screen site procedures after scanned-time is stamped when they leave, More stops for a truck have more seals. Must be a reasonable ammount of time to go from point to point. They must have a valid seal as well, once everything checks out the driver is passed through.Each vehicle in checkpoints are what—swept by k-9 and processed and screened . will recive a seal. Different color seals for each day air sampler as well. Physical inspection of CAB and Cargo and driver screeen, all items x rayed. After x rays items are stamped.ho can gain access to the delivery sites,-----company letterhead. Name of driver and comany, any other employees. Social security number and date of birth.US house of REPs mail facility-Everything gets screened their in capitol heights, from comercial carries,Congressional acceptance sites, -countries with letters and small packages,D street tunnel-for senate officer buildingCVC loading dock-NJ, all US capitol building deliveries are made.47 shepherd parkway—all major deliveries go.O'neil house office building.--same thing k-9 and officers,Virginia avenue-- for Ford house office building.Acceptance sites-Delaware AVE, for House office buildings and libray of congress.Off site delivery centerknow as blue plains, K-9 and officer work theirChain of command-obey any lawfull order of a superior..What rank is a Division commander—-- usually a inspectorAssistance chief of police- uniform operations,sean gallager,Acting supervision-...highest rank of the next rank..will designate individuals to serve in acting capacity, usually in order of rank and or seniority. In cases where no one has been designated, the next hihest rank will serveP w training-One arrow upPFC-arrow up and down2 bars-captainLT-1 barInspectoroakleysSergeantchevronsDeputy chief-jason bell (operation services)Training services Bureau-capt andrew bolingerProtective services bureau inspector-jeanita mitchellUniform services bureau deputy chief-John Erickson4 stars -chief3 star-assistance chiefpolice2 stars-Deputy chief -- Tim bowen,Section commanders are usuallyLitentuets.Units-collateral assignments, independently functioning component of the department,Power shifts-0900-1730 - 1100-1930Sworn shift—1--2300-0730 2- 0700- 1530 3- 1500- 2330Sections are —component of a division, it is commanded by a section commander ( usually LT), who reports to a division commander/ civilas officer.Belows divisions are what—sections.Deparment- to bureau - to divisions- to sections- to unitsDepartment - to bureau - to divisions- to sections- to units29 divisions within USCP,--Bureaus and offices.Training services bureau-providing appropriate methods, preparedness, training and education with leadership skills to ensure success of USCP.Officer of policy and management systems— -written directives, operating procedures, law enforcement accreditation.Office of employment counsel-providing legal assistance, training and advic to supervisory personnel regarding labor and empoyment matters.The officer of facilities and logistics— Providing uniforms, equipment and vehicles to the department. Property management, vehicle management and facilities management.Office of information systems-computer related, designing and testing, cyber attacks. Department automated information systmes and information technologies.Offfice of Human resources-For the workers,Ms cherry clipperOffice of financial management-planning and directing all finaicial activities of the department.Security services bureau-Mr Omar Chavez,, designs, installs, maintains, and operates technolgically advancded security to protect legislative branch of government.Chief administrative officer—Mr richard braddock, need too look at what he does...Organizational structure for CAO, commands and bureau— 6 offices and 1 training serivce bureau.Uniform services bureau-Captiol, house, senate, libray,Protective services bureu-Investigations division, criminal section, threat assessment section, intelligence analysis setion. Dignitary protetion,Hazardous incident response division-Hazardous device section, hazardous materials response team,. ALERT.Special operations division-canine section, crime scene search unit, contatinment emergency response team, off site delivery center,tiger team.Command and cordination bureau- the officer coordinates the command and control elements of the department. Command center, communications,Assistant chief of police-only two chiefs, chief of uniform operations, chief of protective and intelligence operations. Support to the department, responsible for managing their department bureaus.Organizational structure for COO-1. Command and coordination bureau 2. Operational services bureau 3. Protective services bureau 4. Security services bureau 5. Uniform services bureauOrganizational structure-Burea/ office, the largest organizational element within the department. Usually rank of deputy chief or director.Office of professional responsibility-Internal affairs divisions investigates allegations of employee misconduct originating from within the department or outside sources,Direct reports to Chief of police—--- Inspector general to COP,, ,, Officer of professional responsibility to internal affair and insepctions,,,,, Public information office to Chief admin officer,,,,,,,, Chief admin officer, Chief uniform operations, and chief of protective and inteeligence operations all report to Chief of police.Executive team—1, Chief of police, 2, chief administrative officer, 2 Chief of uniform services ,, 2 Chief of protective and intelligence operationsWhen does The chairmanship of the board rotate between the two sergeant of arms changingat the begining of each calander year.Office of the Inspector general-Michael Bolton, Conduct audits, inspections, involving USCP programs and functions.The general counsel-Thomas DibiasePublic information officer-MS, Eva Malecki, speaks to news and media when appropiateArchitect of the Capitol-Brett BlantonSergeant of arms US house of representative-William WalkerChief of Police-J. thomas MangerSergeant at Arms U.S senate-Karen GibsonDefine the authority by which the USCP operates—-Title 2 U.S code chapter 29 section 1961 public law 570, 79th congress. Gives the USCP the authority to make and enforce all necessary regulations for vehicle and orderly keeping of congress and other facilities.Weingarten rights-Prior to interviews they are read their rights,Miranda warnings-right to remian silentGarriety rights-compelled to answer questions in an admin Miranda warnings- right to remian silentStage one DRB-hearing stage,Stage two,DRB-- Deliberation stage,Stage 3 DRb-pronouncement stage,Bargaining Unit-Are all sworn employees including probationairy sworn employees, Are entitled to union representation.NON bargaining unit-all supervisiors of sergeant or above, Office of the chief,Should a complaint of alleged-Notify a supervisor, if not available complete form CP-536, avoid confrontation.Once a complaint is reported-their will be a investigation initiated, Restricted light duty status or remains on duty assignments,Sustained-guilty of all part of misconductNo sustained-- insufficent evidence to convictUnfounded-allegeged acts did not occurdismissed -complaint failed to disclose sufficient information. Is no longer....Personal performace notes CP-550-removed after one year, correctiveCommand dicipline CP-534,may be corrected through training or conseling,CP-534 warning-May be appealed to the chief of police, within 15 days from the date presented.Department discipline CP 535 level 1-With forfeiture of time and salary of up to 14 working daysCp 535 level 2-Demotion or removal, forfeiture of salary of work daysCommand dicipline-CP 534Department dicipline-Cp 535Personal performance-Cp 550Category 1 complaints-Use of force, sexual or racial discrimination, false arrest, Investigated by OPRCategory 2 complaints-courtesy, conduct of becoming, deferred back to the respondents permanent assignment.... allegations, breaches of rules and regulations, minor policy violations, any other complaint not listed in 2CP-04 -Rights and waivers-PD-251-event reporting (public document) external- PD 252-supplement report just like mark 43 (internal doc- PD-81-Proprty report- Mark 43-- any arrest, criminal offense , DWI DUI, Arrest and prosectuion, Incident report requiring.Events that always require reports-Accident reports (Patrol division) Arrest Reports Incident reports Offense reportsPD seriers-Reports that are required by the attorney general, DC court system, and DC metroOfficer on scene-Initiating all reports, there own reports.What must you carry on you,-- Issued and approved notebook, A radio card, rights and waiver, Stop and contact report,ll reports must be done in what ink-black ink. Be legible and complete.In all reports what do they need-Your pinWhen do you use Civilian time-NOI's and Mark 43 report modulesBLDGbuildingAVEavenueA I- B- W- U- MERZ-ASian pacific islander american indian B-black W- white U- unkown MERZ- Mercedes benzOfficer refer to themseves as-RODo not use titles that will identify them.--such as congressman and senatorCapitol file number (CFN)-it is a USCP twelve digit number system required on all official reports. First 6 identify year month and day. The report number goes at the very endMPDC central complaint number (ccn)-has 8 digits. Year in the beginning and the report number are the other 6.Juvenile- PD 379— CP-255-module in mark 43 arrest booksheet(public documanet)PD-76 -..stop and contact reportCP-76a-suspicious activity report.. In conjunction with PD-76Public documents-pd10(SOD/patrol,,,accident report) , pd163- mark 43- pd 251The five C's-Chronologoical order, Correct, Clear, concise, Complete (information and sections correct)Know your audience-PD-251- public -PD-252— USCP -Gerstein, mark 43- courts public -PD-76- investigationsReports are intitated for-Criminal offenses, incidents, collisions, sick persons, injured persons/ missing.Reporting officers are responsible for-timely manner of reports, distribution of reports, maintaining copies of report. Report processsing section will make a final review of it.good narratives will always have-Legal reason for the officers involvement, lawfull actions that officer took during the event. Crimes commited.Primary USCP capitol jurisdiction.-The captiol building, house office buildings, senate, offfice buildings, captiol power plant and garages. Enforce rule whenever.Extended jurisidiction (EJZ)- Metro police is the primary LE in extendeBoundary streets-streets that board the United states capitol jurisidiction,Concurrent jurisdiction-sharing jurisidiction within other agenicies.Jurisdiction -- The authority or legal power to hear and decidie cases and enforce law.USCP officer have primary responsibilities of what-investigation in criminal offenses within the US capitol ground except deaths and sex offenses, MPD takes care of thatCrime of violence-An offense that has an element of use, attempeted of use or threatened use of forece against someon elseDirected patrol assignments-Specific assignments called d checks to an area of problemProtective asssigments-Authorized by USCP and police board to protect members of congress-.3 types of crimes that can be enfored-Misdamors felonies, probable cause misdaemors.While off duty-24/7 arrest authoritiy in the primary jurisidiction. Felony in or out presence, misdameor, misdamenor in your presence,While on duty—-- extended jurisisction. Felony in or out of presence, probable cause misdamemor in your presence, misdameor in your presence,Arrest authority outside of Extended jurisdiciton-may be made for a crime occured on captiol grounds, commited in your presence, to prevent immient loss of life or injury.Protective assigments-to make arrest without warrants for any felonly, any vilolation in your presence, anone who impedes interferes or obstructs your assignment.Primary jurisidiction while off duty-Full arrest poweres no matter what.Primary jurisdiction in EJZ off duty-Officers should be on duty to make an arrest. Felony or assisting officer. Youll be a citizen arrest if you make arrest in EJZ or outside.AS a citzen-you can arrest for a felonly, When assiting another officer, non traffic PC misdamenor in your presence. On EJZ and outside of it.Off duty outside of DC-as a citizen,Felonly committed in your presncce or assisting other LE officer.Agencies with concurrent jurisidiction -Metropolitan police of the district of Columbia- THey have arrest powers within US capitol buildings .. However they need consent of the captiol police board to enter and make arrest inside, to serve warrants, or patrol te area. Supreme court police,- USCP has similar arrest powers on supreme court grounds. We assist with crowd control and suspisciou packages. US park police- Columbus statue, WWll japanese memorial.Diplomatic immuntiy-The privileges rights and immunities accorded to persons of other nations by reciprocal bilateral and multilateral agreements with the United States, Granted by the US goverment. Whole familys and employees receive immunity.Diplomat ID-red blue green, issued by US dept. Of state Each card descirbes each levle of immunty they have. We must call to verify their identity.They will be detained untill ID if confirmed. Can issue citations and tickets to them.Serious cases with diplomats-Must telephone notify the DEp of state. Do sobriety test, cannot be compelled to take them.IF they are stropped in refernce to Alchohol or drugs-call a freind or taxi, take to headquaters to sleep it off,Vehicles and property of diplomats—cannot be seized or searched. Cannot be impounded or booted, only towed to a reasonable distance.Full diplomatic ability-They may not be arrested. However they can be detained.Foreign national-not an american and does not hold diplmatic immunity. From another country.Non DC residents-must be processed in same manner as DC residents.Memebers of congress inviolved in a situation-no immunity from arrest, Same actions as you would to a citizen. Cannot do anything if they are heading to a vote when congress is in session or going to and from their office.When active duty military is involved-Notify the appropiate service branch. When they are detained from being AWOL— contact the appropriate deserter information point.When other LE in involved in a crime-Notify the watch commander , who must contact the ranking n duty commander of the arestees agency.When arrested private detective, detective, security officer guard-must contact their managment branch and MPDC/watch commander right after during business hours.-miranda,-cops, custody, questionsSupreme court -4 distinct elements for lawfull arrest— Authority, intent, knowledge, submission.Guidlines for a show up—2 hours,,,, transport vitim to suspect.Second sighting of victim or witness —- renews the 2 hour time limitShow up for crime scene—2 hours-Stop and frisk is reported on —-PD 251(event) and PD252 (supplement),,,, classification. stop and frisk, complaintent is the person being frisked..Protective frisk-of a passenger compartment of detainees vehicleOfficers can move containers and bags away from suspects but have to what?Articulate the factors that lead them to these events.If the officer can articulute that the object is a weapons he/she can _____- remove the item to see what it is.Officers may not reach under _____ during a frisk unless they feel something they fell can be a _____- —--clothes,,,, weaponA frisk is generally limited to a pat down to the outer clothing or of areas or containersA frisk is generally limited to a pat down to the outer clothing or of areas or containersA firsk is conducted whenever there is a _______ that the subject may be _________ -Reasonable suspicion, ,,,,,,,,armed and dangerous- WHat is the paperwork required for a stop—PD-76 Cp-76a- IF the stop is a Lookout, the oficer will note—CFN CCN on the backRequirements of a stop—reasonable susicpion, legl authroity, legitimate purpose..If the compaint fails to identifiy the suspect and there is no further PC you must?--- let them go.Complainant-the victim the person most affected..Brining the complaintant to the location of the stop to make a psotivie identification—-show upIf the officer is unable to devolop PC or the reasons justifying the stop dissopate, the officer must ____ even if the NCIC check has not been returned —-released...- Runing a name check is not a what?---- Runing a name check is not a what?--- An investgation,....- Requiremnts of a stop —- -1. Verbal commands, 2. touching , 3.physical force by use of hands, 4 less than lethal weapons,,5. Use of handcuffs,,,, 6. Issued handgun may be withdrawn during a high risk felonly stop if person is belived to be armed..- EPO5—- A stop requires reasoable suscipion along with __________—--Legal authority and legitiment purpose.Reasonable suspicion defined,--a reasonable officer can believe that a person is about to or is engaged in criminal activity,Factors accepted by the courts determining reasonable suspicion,,---Time of day, Location, Demeanor, Appearance, extreme nervousness, suspicious or unusaul activity, suspicious operation of a vehicle, hearsay, reliable informants, Info from LE, Police training and experience, lookouts plus BOLOSReasonable suspocion is ________ probable cause but _____ ,mere suspciion —----- less than,,, more thanReasonable suspicion is evaulted using the—------standard—--reasonable officer standard- If homless what do you need—ask what shelter they stay in, or last known address.NMmmmmmmmIf the subject give you a drivers licicnse as proof of ID include this—-Liciense numberPD 76- CP 76acontact and stop suspicious perons reportPer directiv 1022.005 anytime a name DOB or SSN is obtained,--a name check is required 27 29Theres no ____ level of force in a contact?---acceptableCitizens may not be ____ under contact—? How long can a contact be?--?—frisked --15-20 minContact-there is no legal requirment, they can not answer and leave whenever.Face to face _________________ between a police officer and a citizen where the citizen can what?—---------voluntary interaction,,,,,,,, citizen can walk away, don't have to answer questions.Mere suspicion is also- Mere suspicion is not a ---a hunch or gut feeling Mere suspicion is not a- a valid reason to conduct anything more than a voluntary interaction with an individual.Prior to approach—Saftey first for contact stops and frisk, call for back up early, notify of location and what we need, adjust to events..WHen people want to conduct arrest on USCP jurisdiction who must they ask—--- USCP police boardEPO7—- USCP headquates Fairchildheadquarters 119 d street NE Fairchild 499 south capitol street SWCity grid address system—------ Number streets dictate block number,,,.. 2nd street you are on 200 block,,,, 3rd street youre on 300 block...Letters are differnt— A=100 block B=200 block C=300 block D=400 block E=500 block................ Avenues run diagnol,,, constitution ave and independance ave run east to west not dianglnosEPO 6—-NO J, X, Y, Z, streetsEPO 5—--- number gop where and letters go whereNumber north and south.... letter East and westEPO-3- Boundaries of DC-Western AVE DC- MOCO MD...... Eastern ave-PG county MD-........ Southern ave- PG county MD......EPO 2- Pierre L'enfant- designer of capitol city. Appointed by Washington, Benjamin Banneker took over for Pierre Lenfant,, African American Author, Balt. Count. MD. Captiol is in the center of the city,,,,,, 10 square miles donated by MD n VA......EPO 2- Pierre L'enfant- designer of capitol city. Appointed by Washington, Benjamin Banneker took over for Pierre Lenfant,, African American Author, Balt. Count. MD. Captiol is in the center of the city,,,,,, 10 square miles donated by MD n VA......EPO 1- what important about locationKnow where you are, for officer saftey, also for when people come up to you looking for places...airconyellow 10 mins out, orange 8 min out,, red 6 min out,(stop all traffic,remaining people out of cars and go north and south.) , green normal,, blue suscicous aircraft in bound.Only aircraft allowed to fly in no fly zones—- secret service, Office of the president, several other gov agenices.Lockdown/ shelter in place—--- Checkpoints will deploy their barrieres by useing yellow procedures.Unauthorized access-not properly stopped or diverted by the officer so the officer messed up.Breach-vehicle intentioanllly bypasses securityCondition red pt 2—using the barrier applies to use of force cause the barricade is a lethal force.Operational conditions—Green (normal) , Blue (unauthoized or vehicle interest is inbound) , yellow ( vehicles of interet or unathorized vehicles enters restricted streets), red ( Any vehicle attempts to enter restriced areas dispaying malicious intent, its a breach, officer considers totality of circumstances)Signal activation zones-condition blue, where everything stops and turns red and the diviersion officer goes and talks to the suspicious carTIMP check point positions—-1. Diversion officer 2. Access officer, 3. Kiosk officer, 4. TIMP avenue vehicle.Avenue vehicle-respond to CON yellow orange and red,Only emergency vehicles to go on the hill—AMROfficer can do what at TIMPS—stop any vehicle of interest, with consent they can search if no consent they are not allowed in.Unauthorized vehicles-Agricultural vehicles, constructions vehicles, busses, charter busses. Tour busses, any vehicle of interest.Authorized vehicles-Architect of capitol vehicles, Pentagon USDA shuttles, tow truck drivers with sweep, US marshalls, Vehicles included in Special events Notifications .Public transportaton (route number and MTA magnet if none divert them).TIMP checkpoints use what-Cameras, traffic signal controls, signal activatin zones, signage, officer presence.-- Mission of TIMP- —--to interdict and divert specific unauthorized vehicles that may be used as a threat/VBIED from gaining access to restricted areas of the capitol grounds. Trucks that are one and one quarter ton or greater are a violation of the truck resrticed zone. Exceding two axles as well.**Mission of TIMP pt 2—--Timp officer are to interdict and divert unauthorized vehicles and stop/investigate and divert all vehicles of interest before the CapitolVictim witness procedures (V-WAP)--Immediately notify the watch commanders officer of any serious crime involving witnesses or victims. Provide the brochure, disclose all info, have them out of sight of defendant or their associates.Inofrmation vs Evidence-we as officers collect information, thats the purpose of the prelimiary invetigation rather than getting evidence.3 parts of a PRE lim investigation —---- 1. Verification (identifying victim and the crime occured), 2. Identification of solvability factors ( help determine who and where the criminal is) 3. communication (the circumstances of the crime. Cal and talk to those needed to, verbal coms with investigators, proper identiity)Evidence of the crime scene—Once a crime scene has been established no one except specifically authorized persons performing essential functions shall enter the crime scene or handle evidence. You can move objects if itll be affected from the weather or enviroment.When at crime scene, officers should stay away from-walking about the scene, disturbing bodies of decease people (including covering them), touching items or surfaces, moving or taking items, and prevents unnecessary people from coming in.Chain of custody-Identifying who has had the evidence, possessed it, and gives the date and times of when they had it.Custody of evidence-Custody of an aticle evidence is established whenever a member handles or moves the article. Includes chain of custody.Evidence-those tangible and physical articles obtained or gathered in an investigation, as proofs to establish the elemnts of the crime or guilt.Purpose of a canvas —Seeking out information by going house to house, point to point, apt to apt, you work closest to the location of the offense and work your way out. Cover the area withing the sight of the scene. Obtain additional information. Used for locating missing persons, suspects, evidence, escape routes, time of crime.Photo line ups-Total of 9 photos, no line ups are done at police facilities, critical injuries of victim or witnesses allows pre trial identification, no matter of time.Legal requirements for a show upThe detainees clothing cannot be changed to match the description. The detainee should be faced in the neutral manner and faced toward the victim/ witness. SHow up must be conducted in a way where the detainee cannot identify the victim/ witness. Detainee should not be removed from scene unless the officer and detainee are in a unsafe area or thers a incapacitated victim due to a serious crime, or bring them back to the scene. Explain how the show up will be conducted. Record verbatim. Keep witnesses seperate. CONCLUSION, if vitcim tell you thats the guy, thats PC you can let them know they are under arrest them conduct SIA.. if they arent the right person, relased them immediately.Procedures for a show up identification-within two hours of offense and in the relative same area of the crime. If victim is injured we are not bringing them to the scene. Bring victim to the scene. IF you think suspect is armed and dangerous frisk them, even is the victim has not identified them yet.Flash lookout-good for 2 hours As soon as possible tell other units through dispatch the physical description of person or suspect, type of crime and let them know if weapons are involved. Where they were heading. Any other relevent information.Communicating with deaf and hard of hearing persons,,1020.010-Suspects who are hearing impaired are handcuffed and transported. Can communicate through writing and sign language. May remove constraints so they can sign, if saftey is an issue they will not remove. Officers will call for a interpreter through dispatch. Miranda will wait for an interpretor,Police notebook,---keep organized, repository for details, to trigger future recall, prelim basis for future reports, contemporaneous, account for and explain entries, neat and legible, Time date location, obtain all personal info. Resonsible to maintain your notbook and keeping all notes, any request for your notes shall be provided in the form of machine copies.Criminal investigation section (CIS) is notified for what- Assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer, assault with intent to kill, arson,burglary, homicide, kidnapping, missing person, robbery, suicide, Theft, stolen property.Conducting the prelimary investigation-Name, dob, SSN, who they are employed by, #, location where they can reached. What did they see/hear,Responsibilities of prim investigation- written statments of people involved or around, Establish perminiter, When making incriminating statments they must be detained and read their rights. Contact supervisor known about indicating statments to other crimes.,,, the supervisor will then take over totell you what to do.Considerations while on the scene of the crimeThere is no set rule to define the dimension of the crime scene. Overestimate the size of the scene rather than it being to small.WHILE on scene—- Request CSS is crime scene is present, Safeguard the crime scene, call backup, provide communications with flash lookouts, Canvass the area around the crime.Upon arrival on scene,--- Contact dispatch of where you are, request emergency personal if needed, determine if crime has occured or if you have jurisdiction.On calls for service, you need to verify what—---- Complaintents name, location, type of call for service.The officer responsibilities to a preliminary investigation-Response to the scene and doing a pd-251 along with pd 251 and the mark 43 goes with 252.CP-319witness statmentsThe objectives of the preliminary hearing should include-all of the facts there, circumstances of the crime, physical evidence. Statements, physical evidence.Purpose of the Prelimiary investigation— gathering information.Preliminary investigation-Initial exploratory action in response to a report that a crime has occured.Warrant must be-verified, confirmed, locate.Expirations dates if not on the back—front windshiled..Permit check—-state, permit number, last name, first name, middle initial, DOB,Race, Sex, SSN.Name check,,,----last name, first name, middle initial, DOB,Race, Sex, SSN.Tags check-state, plate, make model color,VIN number-vin number, behicle year, make, state-Permit check/liciense check—WALES NLETSInformation provided by WALES NCIC and NLETS—- used for only legitimate law enforemcnet purposes only.III-III- Criminal history check.NLETS-lets them know the history of criminals,NCIC-by the FBI, checks 13 differnt records,WALES—main system for DC,, MPDC, checks NCIC automaticllay..Missing persons,-date and time missing, location of last scene, what they look like, advise if any critical conditions exist (disabilties, abduction, under 16, under 18 with history of abused,General lookout—- infiormation given after flash lookout, information given after flash..adding more informmation. Clothing, unusal charecteristics, this is more precise information. Need to know if had weapons. Vehicle descritpions.Flash lookout pt 2-must be given quick ras to right on scenegood for two hours by first officer on scene. Just like a bolo and crime location. Give information that was seen or heard. Description of person, crime/ classificiation.. Location.... When it occured, method of travel, direction of travel, weapons involved,When would you use the world priority—possible threat, potential threat, crime in progress, fire.You can only interrupt a prioritry call if what- you have another priority.What can you use to jump ahead of dispatch-use priority.Comunication for TSC should contact who as an officer—IOS agents,HC-5- transnational organized crime-HC-4Possible former military detaineeHC-3- Possible ties to terrorism,,,IOS agent contactedHC-2-Possible imigration law violator, ties to terrorism. No arret unless it is confirmed. Notify intellHC 1—subject of arrest warrant, terrorism related. Detain them. IOS agent contact.Who am I, Where I am, What do I need......Who am I, Where I am, What do I need...... WHo am I where am I what do I needAlways start off your radio transmission with a what— unit numberStadby for time check-wait untill dispatch gives the person going ahead a time so they are dojwn. "Copy at 1825 hours"10-100-S—-suspected suicide bomb threat.-coul be a suicide bomber.10-100-Suspiscous item/ substance- announce the item,10-3-0-W-felonly warrant with weapons10-3-0-f-Felonly warrant with no weapons,10-3-0—-misdamenor or additional info,,,, liciense suspended, tags suspernded, subject or vehicle is wanted in refernce to a misadameouor.10-33—-officer in trouble,,- must orivide what and wear you need500-599**-library300-399**- senate400-499***-capitol200-299***-house100-199**-Special operations division1-99-executive teamtwo dispatcher stations are located where- Dc and VASpeak from what perfeered distacne-2-4 inchesNever dispose of a battery near a what?---fire- The emergency identifier is located where— On top of the radio and on top of the microphone- To reset—-press hold until noise identifier- To activate emergency button—-press for half a second.Any type of offence is done where?---Mark 43CCN numbers go with what-They go if the mark 43 in unavailale.PD 251 and 252 there is no —--private property...If victim/ complaintent is unconscious what fo we do for the name—-Jane of John DOE. then do a mark 43..Whats not permitted on a 251—police codes, witness complaints, and police jaron.When signing a 251-252 your name needs to be—-FISHER, RyanDirective 1062.001 of crime scene—determine if a crime scene exist and call your supervisor.**What are the responsibilities of intial officer on scene—safety first, determine if a crime has taken place, establish a perimeter don't touch evidence. Control and access the scene.Chain of custody is and official document to see who has items,, custody of evidence is the phsycial part of who has evidence.Chain of custody is and official document to see who has items,, custody of evidence is the phsycial part of who has evidence.On a crime scene and there is a loaded weapon what do you do,---Do not touch it at all.**What are some of the concerns for intial officer on the scene when handling evidence—--chain of custody, avoiding contamination, preserving evidence.1.Grid search- 2. Strip search- 3. Spiral search - 4. Wheel search- 5. Line search,,--- 6. Zone search,---Grid search--- two parrel searches overlapping, Strip search - side to side 3. Spiral search - circlular motion, by yourself 4. Wheel search- start in a circle and work out, big groups 5. Line search,,---all in a line nice and tight. 6. Zone search,--- breaking it down into zones for the large crime scenes.Law- warranta judicial writ authorizing a search and seizure of property, arrest of a person,Felony warrant—No expirationMisdemeanor warrant -valid for 1 year from date of issue.Misdemeanor bench warrant-from judge, are valid as long as they are in the system.Arrest warrants-need probable cause, don't read suspect his rights if they have no other charges.Bench warrants-Bench warrants- Issued by a judge for a person who failed to appear for a status hearing, arraignment, traffic offenses or any court appointed hearing where the subject was mandated to appear at a specific time and date. Commands LE to bring the subject before the judge ASAP—An additional charge is added when the bench warrant charge is issued for a failure to appear for what ???---Sentencing or trial.***Fugitive from justice—A person arrested in DC who is wanted in another jurisidction. They will be charged as Fugitive of justice no matter the crime. The jurisdiction must be willing to extradite the subject and that information must be confirmed through the ORI.Handling wanted persons—maintain good tactical positioning and non verbal indicatiors displaying that they may want to escape.With suspects Watch for scanning and thousand year stare-looking for an escape route or a way to get out and fight.Target glance-looking at you and your weapon continusoulsVerifying information-If the person you name check gets a hit, you need to verify it. Any scars or tatoos, last know address, nicknames.If it is a misdemeanor warrant what is the date of the warrant—for 1 year,Arrest warrants issued in DC—charge the defendant with the original charge on the warrant, the complainant is the originating office . If the originating officer is not found, you the arresting officer has to do the offense report and all paperwork.Bench warrants issued in DC-the charge is Bench warrant. DC superior court or the judge is the complainant. Only need to draw on set of numbers(CFN/CCN)Fugitive From justice PT 2-The chief of police or sheriff of the agency holding the warrant is the complainant,,,, The location of the offense is the mail addresss of the originating CCN for all charges.Fugitive justice part 3=--------- IF the fugitiive is wanted in more than one jurisidiction, the most serious crime is given proptery. In all cases for your report contact USCP communications for the warrant number.PD 251 and 252 there is no —--private property...