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basic study of china-not much detail.

Farmers grow this in southern china.


farmers grow this in northern china.


Soil of the northeast

It's dry with excellent soil for farming.


High steep land .


A mountain range in China.

Mt. Everest

The tallest mountain in the world.


An area of high, flat land.


Plateau located in western China.


Desert located in western China.


The capital of China.

Rural areas live...

-In small houses in villages.

Houses are made...

-Of stone or brick

People get around.


City families live...

- In small houses or small apartments.


What utensils do the Chinese use

Teacups and soup bowls

Dishes the Chinese use

Chinese eat.....

-Rice, dumplings, vegetables and noodles

Chinese New Year

The most important holiday to the people of China

Chinese New Year last...days


The color red means...

-good luck in Chinese culture.

Children and unmarried adults.... on Chinese new year.

-red envelopes of money-

Grandparents...while parents are at work

-babysit grandchildren-

How many children is a family in China allowed to have?

1 child.

Elderly people

are highly respected in China.

Chinese government is...


People of China have limited freedom of...


The government tells farmers ...

-What to grow.

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