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Pope Urban II
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Name three devices or tools that Europeans used that came from other time periods or places.Windmill, horse collar, cannons, compassName two devices that Europeans did invent during this timeMechanical clock and eyeglassesHow did the use of money how wealthy people? How did the use of money contribute to the growth of townsEasier to buy things needed Serfs bought their freedom and moved to townName two ways that the banks helped in the use of moneyExchanges, letters, and loansWhat was the advantage for traitor to use a letter of credit?Not having to carry large amounts of moneyIberian PennisulaSpain and PortugalReconquistaWar to expel the Muslims from SpainGrenadaLast Muslim strong holdFernand and Isabellatheir marriage United two Strong family's, then finish the reconquistaCode of ChilvaryCode of conduct for knightsTruce of GodCould on fight certain days of the weekWhat was the purpose of the code of Chilvary and the decrease of the Roman churchImprove the conduct of knights, limit destruction of warWhat themes dominated European art during the middle agesChristian themesArt also served to visually teach what to the peopleFrom the Bible storiesIn architecture how did the towns in cities show off their wealth and prosperityBy building large churchesID Romanesque architectureUsed Roman style architectureI'd vaultsPutting several arches togetherGothic ArchitectureNew style with high ceilings and thinner wallsName two improvements in churches built using the Gothic styleWarmer and brighterLatin was the language of most writing until the 12th century. Then Writers began to write in the vernacular of the people. What does vernacular mean?Common spoker languageID DanteWell-known Italian writer, wrote divine comedyID: ChaucerEnglish poet who wrote the Canterbury talesIn the 1100s, how did universities begin? Where did much of the teaching information come fromStudents wanted to learn from noted teachers Muslim and Byzantine documentsName 2 ways that universities changed over timeOffered more subjects, Met in the permanent buildingsName one great contribution of universities to the culture of EuropePromote literacy and science Spread knowledgecalamitySomething that causes a great loss of sufferingDecimatedGreat loss of populationLongbowNew weapon used by English to defeat FranceJoan of arcFrench peasant girl who helped French beat the EnglishHow many people died during the Black death25 millionWhat were two causes of the great famine? Why was eating of farm animals and grain such a big deal-frequent rain -cool weather -hurting their futureWho fought in the hundred years war? What was the basic issue that caused the warEngland vs. France English controlled of the land in FranceWhat is the most commonly accepted way that the black death started? Name two conditions that it kept spreadingFleas on infected rats Unsanitary conditions and crowded living spaces