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He was the only male judge who did not have anything negative recorded about himOthneilHis lengthy sermon to the most blessed nation on earth told them that their hearts were stuck in sin.MosesUnlike Abraham, he desired acknowledgement from people and took the spoils of war.GideonMaking a pledge without considering the consequences destroyed his hope and his futureJepethhHis lack of faith and obedience caused him to lose the honor associated with victory.BarakThe book of. ——————- emphasizes the wickedness of the human heart and the inability of people to obey God's law without having their hearts repairedDeuteronomyPsalms ———- ___relates God's "ḥesed"/love to how He has been fulfilling His covenant relationships with Israel.136The book of Joshua focuses on the ———— promiseLandThe book of ————— _recounts God's faithfulness to Israel and His reminders to them to obey, but Judges relates the next generation's downfall resulting from their failure to heed this______________Joshua, instructionsGideon's use of a fleece to determine God's will were signs of his ______________ __________ in following the lordWeak phateOne reason ___________ story is recorded is to show us the wickedness of the human heart apart from the great __________ extend to us at the crossJepeth, mercyGod was unable to accomplish His purposes through_________________ but did not approve of his sins. God worked through him to ensure that His purpose (i.e., His will) was fulfilled.SamsonTwo details concerning the book of Deuteronomy.It recounts Israel's past failures, it prophases the nations fall into idolatryGods instructions to JoshuaDo not turn away from the law Be strong and courages Posess the landWhich Jewish feast commemorated the renewal of the covenant?PentecostFirst Corinthians 1:28 says, "And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are." Which woman's life that we have studied best demonstrates the truth expressed in this verseRehabWhat were the twelve stones set up in Gilgal supposed to remind Israel?Of Gods faithfulness to his covenantWhich event marked the turning pointy in the book of judgesGideon acting like a kimgA True statement concerning Jephthah's needHis actions and attitude demonstrated his need for deliveranceHow were Samson as a Nazirite and the nation of Israel similar?Both were set apart for Gods special purpose, both because immoral, both were appeased by their enemiesWhat basic problem common to all people results in sinfallen hearts that do not love the LordAfter Moses' death, Joshua repeated the story of Israel's history. List three things he told the people to remember.Remember Gods promises, remember their promise to God, and remember Gods faithfulnessBased on the account of Israel's victory at Jericho and Achan's sinful actions, mention two consequences that demonstrate the truth that judgment may result from individual or national disobedience in Israel.The isrealitesIdentify three things about the character and deeds of God that are remembered and praised in PsalmsHis goodness is deliverance from Egypt is protection, provision and his status as God in heaven