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King James I

tried to control the religion of the people of England

Church of England

the official religion of England


what happened to people who did not practice religion of the king


where Pilgrims first went for religious freedom

Reasons didnt work in Netherlands/Holland

language, Dutch customs, not farmers

New World

Pilgrims journeyed here next

English merchants

provided ship, supplies, and crew


set sail in 1620


orginial destination

bad weather

ship got off course and landed North

Mayflower Compact

list of rules for the Pilgrims to live by

John Carver

first governor of Plymouth

Miles Standish

helped search for place to settle


colony started in 1621

first winter

very harsh, many died including governor

William Bradford

selected new governor

Squanto and Samoset

came to greet Pilgrims


stayed during planting season to help Pilgrims

Chief Massosoit

came to like and trust the Pilgrim

November 1621

first Thanksgiving celebration


held to celebrate harvest


Puritans arrived

Puritans's colony

Massachusetts Bay Colony


largest of 8 settlements


only welcome others like them to colonies

Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson

disagreed with Puritans leaders, left to start own colony

Roger Williams

started colony of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Colony

had total religious freedom

stern and superstitious

the Puritans


know for tyring witches


left for many reasons

Connecticut River Valley

colonists went there for better farming, became Connecticut

New Hampshire and Maine

Puritans settled there also

Middle Colonies


New England Colonies

Puritans and Pilgrims

Southern Colonies

English Catholics and Protestants

William Penn

Established Pennsylvania


means "Penn's Woods"

English Quakers

led by William Penn

in Pennsylvania

other religions and nationalities were welcomed, many Germans came


established in 1682 by William Penn

Lord Baltimore

established Maryland with English Catholics


Catholics and Protestans were welcomed

North and South Carolina

started as one colony, spilt in 1729

North Carolina

Virginians settled it in 1650, needed land for tobacco crops

Charleston, SC

built in 1670 because of harbor


last of 13 colonies settled in 1732

James Oglethorpe

leader of Georgia, wanted poor people of England to move there

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