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  1. Squanto and Samoset
  2. Mayflower Compact
  3. November 1621
  4. Netherlands
  5. Southern Colonies
  1. a where Pilgrims first went for religious freedom
  2. b first Thanksgiving celebration
  3. c English Catholics and Protestants
  4. d came to greet Pilgrims
  5. e list of rules for the Pilgrims to live by

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  1. only welcome others like them to colonies
  2. Massachusetts Bay Colony
  3. Puritans arrived
  4. held to celebrate harvest
  5. started colony of Rhode Island

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  1. New WorldPilgrims journeyed here next


  2. New England ColoniesPuritans and Pilgrims


  3. Charleston, SCleft for many reasons


  4. Church of Englandthe official religion of England


  5. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinsonstarted colony of Rhode Island