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  1. New Hampshire and Maine
  2. Roger Williams
  3. Reasons didnt work in Netherlands/Holland
  4. colonists
  5. in Pennsylvania
  1. a started colony of Rhode Island
  2. b language, Dutch customs, not farmers
  3. c left for many reasons
  4. d other religions and nationalities were welcomed, many Germans came
  5. e Puritans settled there also

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  1. first governor of Plymouth
  2. tried to control the religion of the people of England
  3. last of 13 colonies settled in 1732
  4. means "Penn's Woods"
  5. only welcome others like them to colonies

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  1. first wintervery harsh, many died including governor


  2. North and South Carolinastarted as one colony, spilt in 1729


  3. NetherlandsCatholics and Protestans were welcomed


  4. 1630know for tyring witches


  5. James Oglethorpeestablished Maryland with English Catholics


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