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  1. Pennsylvania
  2. Salem
  3. Miles Standish
  4. New World
  5. New Hampshire and Maine
  1. a know for tyring witches
  2. b Pilgrims journeyed here next
  3. c Puritans settled there also
  4. d means "Penn's Woods"
  5. e helped search for place to settle

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  1. only welcome others like them to colonies
  2. stayed during planting season to help Pilgrims
  3. established in 1682 by William Penn
  4. colonists went there for better farming, became Connecticut
  5. led by William Penn

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  1. NetherlandsPilgrims journeyed here next


  2. MarylandCatholics and Protestans were welcomed


  3. stern and superstitiouscame to greet Pilgrims


  4. colonistscolony started in 1621


  5. William BradfordEstablished Pennsylvania