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  1. Church of England
  2. William Bradford
  3. Reasons didnt work in Netherlands/Holland
  4. English Quakers
  5. Charleston, SC
  1. a language, Dutch customs, not farmers
  2. b the official religion of England
  3. c built in 1670 because of harbor
  4. d led by William Penn
  5. e selected new governor

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  1. other religions and nationalities were welcomed, many Germans came
  2. know for tyring witches
  3. held to celebrate harvest
  4. what happened to people who did not practice religion of the king
  5. ship got off course and landed North

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  1. Southern ColoniesEnglish Catholics and Protestants


  2. English merchantsled by William Penn


  3. Chief Massosoitcame to like and trust the Pilgrim


  4. James Oglethorpeestablished Maryland with English Catholics


  5. stern and superstitiousthe Puritans