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Ad hominids fallacy
A fallacy of logic in which a person's character or motive is like instead of that person's argument
Ad populum fallacy
A fallacy of logic in which the widespread occurrence of something is assumed to make it true or right
A story in which the people places and things rivers in general concept or moral qualities
A brief reference to a person place event or passage in a work of literature or the Bible soon to be sufficiently well known to be recognized by the reader
A short entertaining account of something happening frequently personal or biographal
A sudden drop from wanting to fight or going to the commonplace or or trivial often for Humerous effect
Appeal to authority
Citation of information from people recognize for the special knowledge of the subject for the purpose of strengthening a speaker or writer's arguments
Exploration of a problem by investigating all sides of it persuasion the reason
Begging the question
A fallacy of logical argument that assumes it's true the very thing that one is trying to prove
Cause and effect
An examination of the causes and or effects of a citation or phenomenon
Chronological ordering
Arrangement in the order in which things occur may move from past to present or in reverse chronological order from present to past
Classification as a means of ordering
Arrangement of objects according to class
Collequial expression
Words and phrases used in everyday speech but avoided informal writing
Damning with faint praise
Intentional use of a positive statement that has a negative implication
A form of reasoning that begins with a generalization that applies the generalization to a specific case or cases opposite to induction
A temporary departure from the main subject and speaking or writing
In grammar the omission of a word or words necessary for complete construction but understood in context
The use of a word or phrase that is less direct but that is also less distasteful or less offensive than another
Expository writing
Writing that explains or analyzes
False dilemma
If I was see of logical argument which is committed went to few of the available alternatives are considered and all but one are assessed and deemed impossible or unacceptable
And extravagant exaggeration effectively use for serious or comic effect
Live me descriptions which impress me images of things upon the mind figures of speech
A form of reasoning which works for me body affects to the formulation overgeneralization opposite to deduction for chili used as the principal form of reasoning and science and history
Inverted syntax
Reversing the normal word order of a sentence
A method of humorous or sarcastic expressions and what's the intended meaning of the word is the opposite of their usual meaning