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  1. arrive at
  2. go on holiday
  3. away-day
  4. sanitize v.
  5. zest adj.
  1. a to have a vacation
  2. b to make (something) free from dirt, infection, disease, etc., by cleaning it : to make (something) sanitary
  3. c station, airport, destination
  4. d a trip taken for pleasure, relaxation
  5. e marked by spirited enjoyment

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  1. boarding (by a vessel or aircraft)
  2. the season when travel is not active and rates are lowest
  3. available at prices or rates below the standard price or rate of a ticket
  4. Choose the way different from the normally chosen one
  5. the scene of any event or action (especially the place of a meeting)

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  1. infringe v.go against, as of rules and laws; break a rule or agreement; violate sg


  2. arrive instation, airport, destination


  3. go on a hiketraveling on foot (kirándulni)


  4. top up the batteryTo charge the battery completely


  5. customstaxes or fees that are paid to the government when goods come into or go out of a country / authorities inspecting the goods you are taking into or out of a country