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  1. vernacular n.
  2. get off the beaten track
  3. arrive at
  4. fill up the tank
  5. top up the battery
  1. a station, airport, destination
  2. b the language of ordinary speech rather than formal writing
  3. c To charge the battery completely
  4. d Choose the way different from the normally chosen one
  5. e refuel fully

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  1. an ocean trip taken for pleasure
  2. available at prices or rates below the standard price or rate of a ticket
  3. to have a vacation
  4. a feeling of confusion felt by someone visiting a country or place they do not know
  5. to make (something) free from dirt, infection, disease, etc., by cleaning it : to make (something) sanitary

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  1. bypass n.a road that goes around a blocked or very crowded area, a city or town


  2. unencumbered adj.very small and poor in amount


  3. zest adj.marked by spirited enjoyment


  4. through traincountry, city, big area


  5. abject adj.extremely bad or severe; hopeless