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the difference threshold is the minimum difference that a person can detect
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Christina had leukemia as a child and had to undergo numerous Belton chemotherapy the chemotherapy always made him nauseous he underwent year of treatment the waiting room started to make him nauseous this nausea from waiting room is thecondition responseBryce find it extremely difficult to pull himself away from the black table he keeps thinking he will break even because the next hand will be winning one this is a blank schedulevariable ratioShaping is a method used by BF Skinner in order toGuide an organism to exhibit a complex behavior using successive approximationsFor poo passional baseball player swinging at a pitch ball is reinforced with a home run on a blank schedulevariable ratioAlthough BF Skinner and other behaviors do not think it is necessary to refer to thoughts or expectations when explaining human learning findings from experience with rats suggest otherwise which findings suggest that cognitive processes are involved in operant learningrats appear to experince latent learning while exploring mazesJohn B Watson in Ivan Pavlov agreed thatLaws of learning are the same for all animalsJohn B Watson believe that psychology should be the signs ofObservable behaviorThe majority of correlation studies that have exam and television violence in aggressive behavior suggest that more hours children spinning watching violent television shows that more likely they are to exhibit aggressive behavior what is the major problem in these findingsCorrelation does not prove causationIn the United States and Canada -- rates double between 1957 in 1974 coin siding with the introduction and spread of televisionhomicideCorrelation evidence suggest that there is a link between view television violence and exhibiting violence behavior however it is possible that television viewing is not causing the violence which alternative hypnosis might explain correlationsAbusive pairs could be the cause of increased aggression and increased television watchingJared has to make an important phone call unfortunately his cell phone is not charged enough to use to make the call and he hast to use his landline in order to make the call he must get the number from the cell phone and remember it long enough to dial on the landline phone for this test which memory is most importantWorking memoryThe information processing model of memory compares memory with aComputerThe Atkins Sharon model of memory helps explain how these memories are formedExplicit memories----is retention of learn skills or classically conditioned associations without conscience awarenessimplicit memoryA fill in the blank test is a good example ofrecallZach suffers from depression and is currently in treatment his physician is electroconvulsive of therapy which will affect _____his memoryshort termOn a business trip last year Erin and Pam flew from Los Angeles to Boston Erin hates to fly in the middle of the flight Erin and Pam experienced 20 minutes of severe turbulence Erin remembers this incident as if it were yesterday but Pam cannot recall it whyErin experience emotion triggered hormonal changesthe -_____ is the new role center in neural and processing explicit memories for storagehippocampusPeople suffering from depression or more likely to have their memories affected by priming negative associations this is known assMood congruent memoryWhich process is not a measure of retentionReimagingA student has pick the correct answer from displayed list of options type of memory measures is known asrecognitionForgetting is not a result of problem withpriming_____ occurs when something people learn before interference with their recalled of something they learned laterProactive interferenceWhat is most likely to occur as a result of an emotional painfulThe memory of the event will likely be intrusiveResearch on memory construction reveals at memoriesReflect a persons biases and assumptionsDylan decides to ask a hypnotherapist to help him deal with difficult childhood issues what Dylan does not realize is that if the hypnotherapist ask leading questions hip tickly refresh memories can't be in accurate becauseMemory constructionPrecipitate troll illusions are to blank as false memories are to blankreal precipitation Real memoriesWhich method does not improve your memorysleeping lessLuca is trying to improve his retention of course information so that he can perform better on his exams which piece of advice would not be goodAvoid it in a mnemonicsWhich method is an effective way to minimalize retro active interferencestudy before sleepingBecause he mistakenly believes her older workers are not motivated to work as younger workers Brussel a factory supervisor is especially vigilant for signs of laziness among his senior employees his supervision strategy best illustratesConfirmation biasJasmine has chosen a birth control method that is there to be 95% success rate rather than the one that to have 5% failure rate this best illustrates the impactframingChristopher had difficultly recognize that bullfighting was a sport because it felt to resemble his blink of a sportPrototypeWhich statement best describes the relationship between imagery and performancePerforming a task and imaging doing a task using familiar areas of the brainNancy is learning to speak she says the word... Kitty and Momma this is not unusual because whatever the language when children begin to speak they tend to use mostlynounsChimoski states that all languages share some basic elements which he called universal grammar which item is not one of these basic elementsConjunctionsWhich statement is true regarding gender sex differences in intellectual abilitiesMel's mental ability vary more than those of femalesBeing able to blank emotions is not an ability of emotional intelligenceDescribeWhat do twin in adoption studies tell us about intelligenceBoth genetic factors in the environment affect intelligence