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Nearly ___________ worth of scholarships is available to FFA members through the National FFA Organization.
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Agricultural Communications, Agricultural Sales, Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems, Agronomy, Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management, Dairy Cattle Handlers Activity, Environmental and Natural Resources, Farm Agribusiness Management, Floriculture, Food Science and Technology, Forestry, Horse Evaluation, Livestock Evaluation, Marketing Plan, Meats Evaluation and Technology, Milk Quality and Products, Nursery/Landscape, Poultry Evaluation, Veterinary Science
Agricultural Communications; Agricultural Education; Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication; Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance ‐ Entrepreneurship; Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance ‐ Placement; Agricultural Processing; Agricultural Sales ‐ Entrepreneurship; Agricultural Sales - Placement; Agricultural Services; Agriscience Research ‐ Animals Systems; Agriscience Research ‐ Integrated Systems; Agriscience Research ‐ Plant Systems; Beef Production ‐ Entrepreneurship; Beef Production ‐ Placement; Dairy Production ‐ Entrepreneurship; Dairy Production ‐ Placement; Diversified Agricultural Production; Diversified Crop ‐ Entrepreneurship; Diversified Crop ‐ Placement; Diversified Horticulture; Diversified Livestock Production; Environmental Science and Natural Resources; Equine Science ‐ Entrepreneurship; Equine Science ‐ Placement; Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production; Forage Production; Forest Management and Products; Fruit Production; Goat Production; Grain Production; Landscape Management; Nursery Operations; Outdoor Recreation; Poultry Production; Service‐Learning; Sheep Production; Small Animal Production; Specialty Animal Production and Care; Specialty Crop Production; Swine Production ‐ Entrepreneurship; Swine Production ‐ Placement; Turf Grass Management; Vegetable Production; Veterinary Science; Wildlife Production and Management
The first Agriscience Teacher of the Year Award was awarded to whom and in what year?Steve McKay, 1986The Horizon Conference was National FFA's first virtual production agriculture conference providing three tracks of focus?Connecting to Consumers, Entrepreneurial Skills; and the Future of AgricultureThe National Prepared Public Speaking Contest requires a speech of _____ to______ minutes in length.6 to 8 minutesThe year the first live webcast of the National FFA Convention premiered on conference is designed to empowered FFA members and young alumni with knowledge and skills to take on careers that will feed and clothe and power the world.Horizon ConferenceWhat are the four areas of the Living to serve platform?Living to Serve Grants, National Days of Service, National FFA Convention and Expo, and Educational and Training ResourcesWhat are the four levels of sponsorship for the National FFA FoundationPlatinum Gold Silver StarWhat are the three area of the National Chapter Award? (of the POA)Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strengthening AgricultureWhat are the three areas of the school based three‐component agricultural education model?Classroom/Laboratory (contextual learning), Supervised Agricultural Experience programs ‐ SAE (work‐based learning), Student leadership organizations (National FFA Organization, National Young Farmer Educational Association and National Post‐secondary Agricultural Student Organization)What company partnered with the National FFA Organization to create the Blue Room?MicrosoftWhat does LDE stand for?Leadership Development EventWhat does LPS stand for?Local Program SuccessWhat does CDE stand for?Career Development EventWhat is the "We are FFA" Platform?The National FFA Organization's platform to promote the appreciation of diversity through inclusiveness. We encourage members to celebrate diversity while becoming multiculturally aware through inclusive activities.What is the age range for FFA members?12 through 21 *can start as a 7th grader; can keep membership a few years after graduation to get the American Degree*What is the amount of national membership dues for each member?$7.00 at the National level **KS FFA dues are also currently $7**What is the greatest challenge facing Agricultural Education and FFA?Shortage of qualified AG teachers