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one of the major reasons why researchers conduct statistical analyses is to determine
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The first 10 students who arrived for the Friday lecture, filled out a questionnaire on the attitudes toward the instructor. The first 10, who were late for the lecture responded and afterwords filled out the same questionnaire the appropriate design for testing the significance of the difference between the means, is.
in a study involving stress among college students, a group of seniors are asked to complete us stress survey after two hours from minard on relaxation methods they are asked to complete the she survey again. The appropriate design for testing the significance of the difference between the means is.related-samples t-testWhich of the following is the appropriate statistic for describing the effect size in a two sample experiment?r2pbIn an experiment the proportion of variance accounted for is also called theeffect sizeBuy convention the mean of the sampling distribution equals0suppose a researcher compares 50 pairs of husbands and wives on the variety of attitudes. In doing so the researcher is making use of _____ samples with a ______ designrelated; matched-samplessuppose a researcher assessed attitudes towards a certain brand of soda before an after conducting a taste test, and noted the following results: pre: 5 43545 post: 7 94 10 4 4. what is the mean difference?-2Inappropriate example of a repeated measures design would beComparing individual attitudes about drinking before an after viewing a film on the topicA Cohen's d value of .5 would be viewed as indicated of a ___ effectmediumWhen is a t-test use instead of a Z test?When the population standard deviation is unknownwhat is sX-The estimated standard error of the meanWhich of the following is one of the requirements of a one sample t-test?The population standard deviation is estimated by computing SXWhat does the TOBT value indicateHow far the sample mean is from the u of the sampling distribution in estimated standard error unitsWhich of the following requirements is common to both of the test and the one sample t-testThere is one random sample of interval or ratio scoresWhich of the following is not one of the steps in a one sample t-test?Compute σ2.For a two tailed test with a = 0.0 5 TCRIT value isDifference for each DFwhat happens to the absolute value of TCRIT as DF increases? itdecreasesAfter determining your one tail, t-test, is significant, what should you docompute a confidence interval for uThe precise location on the dependent measure where we expect our population mean to fall refers topoint estimationsuppose a poll has been conducted on Americans favorable attitudes toward a certain issue. If it is reported that Americans are 56% plus or minus +4% in favor of the issue which of the following is not a possible value represented within the margin of error.51%To achieve statistical significance for a one sample t-testThe t obtained must be larger than the t criticalWhen is a sample mean likely to represent a particular population meanit depends on sampling errorsuppose we have a 95% confidence interval of 12.23 and 16.75. what does this mean?We are 95% confident that the true population mean is between 12.23 and 16.75.Inferential statistics are used toDecide whether sample data represent a particular relationship in the populationWhich of the following is correct regarding experimental hypothesesThey describe the predicted relationship we may or may not find in an experimentWhen is a one tailed test used?When a relationship is predicted and the direction in which the scores will change is predictedwhich of the following is correct regarding a statistical hypotheses (null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis)They describe the population parameters our sample data represent if there is or is not a predicted relationshipWhich of the following is true of anyone sample experimentWe must know the population mean under some condition of the independent variable, other than the one being testedWhich of the following is correct regarding alternative hypothesesThey discribed the population parameters represented by the temple data if the predicted relationship existsWhich of the following statements does not belongThe change in the dependent scores was produced by significant sampling errorWhen statisticians report results as nonsignificant the results arenot too unlikely to accept as representing the same populationWhich of the following accurately defines a type two errorFailing to reject HO when it is falsewhich of the following tests is considered to be more powerfulone-tailed testA nonparametric procedure would not be done in conjunction withA skewed interval distributionwhich is not an assumption of a Z testThe dependent variable is perfectly normal and must involve an interval scale.suppose a researcher has made a decision that a certain pill is not effective at treating depression when in reality, it is what has the researcher done in this caseThe researcher has made a type two errorwhat happens to the probability of committing a type one error if the level of significance is change from a equals .01 to a equals .5The probability of committing a type one error will increaseThe power of a statistical test is the probability ofrejecting a false HoWhat is the essence of all inferential statisticsUsing sample data to make statements about the scores and relationships in the populationAnd events relative frequency in the population equalsThe probability of the eventwhen rolling a pair of fair dice, the probability of rolling, a total point value of seven is 0.17. if you roll a pair of dice 1000 times, and the point of value of seven 723 times what would you probably conclude?although not impossible this I'll come is so unlikely the furnace of these dice is questionableWhat do we call the portion of the sampling distribution in which values are considered to unlikely to have occurred by chance?Region of rejectionWhat is the critical value?The inner edge of the region of rejectionWhich of the following is not true of the criterionSamples me, the criterion occur more than 5% of the timeWhat can you conclude about a sample mean falling within the rejection regionThe sample probably represent some population, other than the one on which the sampling distribution was basedWhich of the following is not a step, when deciding whether or not a population is being representedCompute the mode.I study about the college aptitude of seniors at South city high school has resulted in a sample mean with the corresponding Z score of plus one. 89 if the critical value for the region of rejection is plus or +-1.96 what is the correct conclusionsince the Z value does not fall within the region of rejection, we should not conclude the sample mean represent some other populationWhen does sampling error occur?When a sample statistic is not equal to the population parameter as a result of chance factorswhen you see the symbol p, it refers toprobabilitysuppose you flip a fair coin five times and get a heads each time. Your friend insist that your next clip will certainly come up as tails. Is your friend, correct?no, the gamblers fallacy makes us think this is not a guarantee that the next step will be tailsConsistent with the basic premise of a representative sample if they gave him population consist of 60% women your sample should have40% menThe range of probabilitiesmust be between 0 and 1Susie is about to pick a cookie from a cookie jar. The cookie jar contains for chocolate chip for vanilla two ginger snap and one sugar Husky what is the probability that Susie will not pick of vanilla cookie.7