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  1. Major product of glycogen breakdown is
  2. cardiomegaly
  3. After ingesting glucose
  4. Why is Hexokinase inhibited by Glucose 6 Phosphate?
  1. a Pompe
  2. b it prevents the consumption of too much ATP to form Glucose 6 phosphate when excess glucose is around
  3. c increase glycogen synthase activity in liver
  4. d glucose 1 phosphate

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  1. 1,4
  2. It is found only in the liver and dephosphorylates Glucose 6 phosphate to glucose (allowing glucose to be released into the blood stream)
  3. Catalyzes a reaction that requires ATP
  4. Glycogenolysis
  5. Phosphorylate it to Glucose 6 Phosphate

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  1. Glucokinase catalyzes the conversion ofglucose to glucose-6-phosphate


  2. muscle cramps/weakness when exceriseHers


  3. In the Glucogen World muscle glycogen functions as asource of blood glucose


  4. Debranching enzymealpha 1,4 glucosidase; alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,6 transferase


  5. A person who exercises with deficient muscle phosphorylase will haveliver glycogen phosphorylase, liver pyruvate kinase, liver glycogen synthetase, and muscle phosphorylase kinase