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  1. How do cells trap glucose?
  2. Patient with large deposits of liver glycogen, after an overnight fast has shorter than normal branches due to this abnormality
  3. Maintaining blood glucose 4 hours after a meal
  4. Defective Lysosomal Alpha 1,4 Glucosidase
  5. In a Glucagon World, Protein kinase A
  1. a Pompe
  2. b Amylo-1,6 glucosidase
  3. c Phosphorylate it to Glucose 6 Phosphate
  4. d Glycogenolysis
  5. e phosphorylates Glycogen Synthase (off) and phosphorylates Glycogen Phosphorylase (on)

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  1. alpha 1,4 glucosidase; alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,6 transferase
  2. in muscle and adipocytes
  3. Phosphorylase, pyruvate kinase, and glycogen synthetase
  4. McArdle
  5. Gluconeogenesis

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  1. Phosphodiesterase inhibitorin muscle and adipocytes


  2. A patient with an enlarged liver due to glucose 6 phosphatase deficiencyit prevents the consumption of too much ATP to form Glucose 6 phosphate when excess glucose is around


  3. Phosphorylase Kinase is activated byAMP


  4. A person who exercises with deficient muscle phosphorylase will havedecrease in lactate levels in blood


  5. After ingesting glucoseinsulin rises, cAMP decreases, and protein phosphatase I is activated