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  1. Hexokinase
  2. Glucokinase is most active
  3. Defective Lysosomal Alpha 1,4 Glucosidase
  4. In the Glucogen World muscle glycogen functions as a
  1. a fuel source for the generation of ATP
  2. b Pompe
  3. c high affinity, is always turned on, and is inhibited by Glucose 6 Phosphatase
  4. d right after a meal (changes in response to glucose)

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  1. in liver
  2. local control
  3. Ca binding to calmodulin and PKA
  4. Protein Phosphatase
  5. Glycogenolysis

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  1. Liver Phosphorylase KinaseCatalyzes a reaction that requires ATP


  2. What effect would you see with caffeine?decreased activity of liver glycogen synthase


  3. Mild fasting hypoglycemiainsulin rises, cAMP decreases, and protein phosphatase I is activated


  4. In a Glucagon World, Protein kinase Ais induced in the liver to produce Glucose 6 Phosphate, which is then converted to glycogen


  5. In the Glucogen World liver glycogen functions as afuel source for the generation of ATP