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  1. After a 12 hour fast at rest which enzymes are phosphorylated in the liver?
  2. Defective Muscle Glycogen phosphorylase
  3. Hexokinase is present
  4. Liver Phosphorylase Kinase
  5. cardiomegaly
  1. a Catalyzes a reaction that requires ATP
  2. b in muscle and adipocytes
  3. c Phosphorylase, pyruvate kinase, and glycogen synthetase
  4. d McArdle
  5. e Pompe

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  1. Protein Phosphatase
  2. high affinity, is always turned on, and is inhibited by Glucose 6 Phosphatase
  3. liver glycogen phosphorylase, liver pyruvate kinase, liver glycogen synthetase, and muscle phosphorylase kinase
  4. Inactive Glycogen Synthase, Active Phosphorylase kinase, and Active Glycogen Phosphorylase
  5. glucose 1 phosphate

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  1. In the Glucogen World liver glycogen functions as afuel source for the generation of ATP


  2. Degradation of Glycogen normally producesglucose 1 phosphate


  3. After ingesting glucosePhosphorylate it to Glucose 6 Phosphate


  4. muscle cramps/weakness when exceriseMcArdle


  5. Glucokinase catalyzes the conversion ofin liver