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  1. Defective Muscle Glycogen phosphorylase
  2. Severe Hypoglycemia
  3. After a 12 hour fast at rest which enzymes are phosphorylated in the liver?
  4. Glucokinase catalyzes the conversion of
  5. Maintaining blood glucose 4 hours after a meal
  1. a Von Gierke
  2. b Phosphorylase, pyruvate kinase, and glycogen synthetase
  3. c Glycogenolysis
  4. d glucose to glucose-6-phosphate
  5. e McArdle

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  1. you see enhanced glycogen synthetase
  2. liver glycogen phosphorylase, liver pyruvate kinase, liver glycogen synthetase, and muscle phosphorylase kinase
  3. Pompe
  4. high affinity, is always turned on, and is inhibited by Glucose 6 Phosphatase
  5. insulin rises, cAMP decreases, and protein phosphatase I is activated

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  1. A patient with an enlarged liver due to glucose 6 phosphatase deficiencyit prevents the consumption of too much ATP to form Glucose 6 phosphate when excess glucose is around


  2. Maintaining blood glucose 40 hours after a mealGluconeogenesis


  3. When is Phosphorylase a active and what is it used for?phosphorylated, hormonal control


  4. Glycogen Synthase makes which type of linkage?1,4


  5. Epinephrineactivates PKC leading to phosphorylation of glycogen phosphorylase b


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