LMS Chapter 8

Approximately 20% to 30% of anorexia nervosa-related deaths are due to ________, which is 50 times higher than the risk of death from the same cause in the general population.
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In a study comparing the genetic contribution to eating disorders, researchers found that in ___% of identical twin pairs both twins had bulimia nervosa, while that number was ___% of fraternal twin pairs. Although this does not rule out the influence of environmental and sociocultural factors, it does present compelling evidence for a genetic contribution to these conditions.
Errol suffers from bulimia nervosa and is currently receiving treatment for it. His clinician has read the existing research on the use of medications, and has found that a particular type of drug is of use during the bingeing and purging cycle of this disorder. Which of the following types of medication will Errol be asked to take?
In comparing the effectiveness of interpersonal therapy (IPT) with enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT-E) for patients with bulimia nervosa, which of the following statements is the most accurate?b. Both forms of treatment were effective and patients were comfortable with their treatment, but the CBT-E patients showed greater amounts of recovery 5 months after treatment than did the IPT patients.Julia has been in treatment for anorexia nervosa for the past two months. Her treatment has consisted of many different features, including helping her to gain weight to get back into a health range, family therapy, and individual psychotherapy. Julia has participated willingly in all of these aspects of her treatment. Which of them will be the best predictor of long-term recovery from anorexia nervosa?d. Family psychotherapyIndividuals with night eating syndrome tend to consume more than ______ of their daily calorie intake after their evening meal.a. one-thirdEden suffers from morbid obesity. Her body mass index is well over 40, and she is suffering from a variety of physical symptoms related to her body size. Her physician has been gently encouraging her to lose weight for years ,but Eden has ignored this advice. Now that her weight is causing extreme pain in her hips, knees, and ankles and is interfering with her life, Eden has decided to do something about the problem. Which of the following interventions will be the most effective at helping her lose weight and keep it off?b. Bariatric surgeryWhich of the following is the best argument for increasing taxes on unhealthy food products, such as sweetened soft drinks and fatty snack foods?c. The obesity epidemic is one of the greatest threats to health in recent history, and steps must be taken to address this problem.Donte has been having difficulty with sleeping and feeling rested lately. His doctor decides to send him for a polysomnographic evaluation to assess different physical functions that are occurring during his sleep time. One of them, called an ________, will measure the eye movements that take place during his sleep and this will help determine whether or not he is entering a REM stage while he sleeps and, if so, for how long.b. electrooculogramRudy has a problem getting to his morning classes in college and it has been going on for more than half of the semester. Although he goes to bed by 11 pm every night, he often does not wake up until at least 9 am, and on these days he misses his 8 am course. His roommate has suggested just dropping the course and signing up for later classes, but Rudy is bothered because he usually does not feel well-rested even after a night of so much sleep. Which of the following is accurate for Rudy's case?c. Rudy should be diagnosed with hypersomnolence disorder.Some people who suffer from narcolepsy experience a sudden loss of muscle tone, a condition called ________. This can be very dangerous, as a person can hurt themselves during such episodes.cataplexyWhy is it that people who work overnight shifts on a regular basis may have a higher risk of developing circadian rhythm sleep disorder?b. Because the part of the brain that controls our sleep cycles is directly connect to our eyes and is affected by the light in our surroundings.Millicent sits up in bed several times a week, shouting and crying as if she is terrified. Her mother takes her to the pediatrician who suggests that she is suffering from night terrors. Upon hearing this, Millicent's father says, "this is probably just caused by nightmares. She'll grow out of it!" Is Millicent's father correct?d. He is half right - Millicent is not having nightmares because sleep terrors occur during NREM sleep, but the typical treatment is to wait and see if the terrors go away on their own. Only if they do not will additional treatment be needed.