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  1. Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
  2. FUTA
  3. Each employee and employer must have a
  4. Cash payment journal
  1. a is a record that is used to make payments.
  2. b Federal Unemployment Tax Act
  3. c Form W-4
  4. d Tax identification number

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  1. A summary of all income and expenses for a given period.
  2. Method of accounting in which income is recorded when earned and expenses are recorded when incurred.
  3. Insurance
    Loan payment
    Advertising and promotions
    Legal and accounting
    miscellaneous expenses
    Salaries and wages
    Dues, subscriptions, and fees
    Repairs and maintenance
    Medical equipment
    Administrative equipment
    Medication and pharmacy expenses
  4. is a record where transactions are entered.
  5. the general journal, the cash payment journal, and the accounts receivable ledger.

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  1. All wages are subject to the Medicare tax at a rate of ___% each for both employees and employers.1.45%


  2. All records of employment taxes should be available for review by theTax identification number


  3. CheckbookFederal Insurance Contributions Act


  4. Three types of accounting systemsA method of accounting in which income is recorded when received and expenses are recorded when paid.


  5. Bookkeeping rulesEnter all charges and receipts immediately in the daily record or journal. Post all cahrges and receipts to the patient ledger daily. Do not erase, write over, or blot out figures.


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