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  1. The cardinal rules of Bookkeeping
  2. Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
  3. Common accounting systems
  4. Invoice
  5. Common summary reports include
  1. a A paper describing a purchase and the amount due.
  2. b a single-entry or double-entry system
  3. c Statement of income and expense, cash flow statement, trial balance, accounts receivable balance and aging analysis, balance sheet.
  4. d Form W-4
  5. e (1) Use good penmanship, (2) Use the same pen style and type of ink consistently, (3) Keep columns of figures straight, (4) Write well-formed figures, (5) Carry decimal points correctly.

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  1. Declaration of Estimated Tax for Individuals
  2. Form 940
  3. monthly and annually
  4. is a record that is used to make payments.
  5. The recording of business and accounting transactions.

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  1. Statement of income and expenseA summary of all income and expenses for a given period.


  2. Daily journalThe state in which the total ending balances of patient ledgers equals the tatal of accounts receivable.


  3. Petty cash fundA fund maintained to pay small, unpredictable cash expenditures.


  4. Accounts receivableAmounts owed to the physician.


  5. General journalis a record where transactions are entered.


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