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  1. Three types of accounting systems
  2. Daily journal
  3. In balance
  4. categories considered for the physician's operating budget
  5. General journal
  1. a is the chronological record of the practice.
  2. b single-entry system, double-entry system, and pegboard (write-it-once) system
  3. c is a record where transactions are entered.
  4. d The state in which the total ending balances of patient ledgers equals the tatal of accounts receivable.
  5. e Insurance
    Loan payment
    Advertising and promotions
    Legal and accounting
    miscellaneous expenses
    Salaries and wages
    Dues, subscriptions, and fees
    Repairs and maintenance
    Medical equipment
    Administrative equipment
    Medication and pharmacy expenses

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  1. is very basic and usually is used in small business. They are inexpensive, easy to us, and require lettle training.
  2. SS-5 form.
  3. A record or notation of an occurrence, transaction, or proceeding.
  4. An accounting period of 12 months during which a company determines earnings and profit; the fiscal year does not neccessarily begin in January; the business determines the beginnging of its fiscal year.
  5. The most complete accounting system. System in which transactions may be entered manually or by computer. Inexpensive but requires a trained, experienced bookkeeper or the regular services of an accountant.

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  1. All records of employment taxes must be kept for at leastTax identification number


  2. Employment records includeSocial security number of the employee
    Number of withholding allowances claimed
    Amount of gross salary
    All deductions for the Social Security and Medicare taxes; federal, state, and city or other subdivision withholding taxes; state disability insurance; and state unemployment tax, where applicable.


  3. amount sufficient for the petty cash fund.Total earnings of the employee
    Number of withholding allowances claimed
    Marital status of the employee
    Length of the pay period involved


  4. Disbursement journalis a record where transactions are entered.


  5. Bookkeeping rulesA standard of comparison to make sure answers obtained are accurate.