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  1. Statement
  2. Before the end of the first pay period, the employee should complete a
  3. Single-entry systems require
  4. Kinds of Financial records
  5. Bookkeeping rules
  1. a Enter all charges and receipts immediately in the daily record or journal. Post all cahrges and receipts to the patient ledger daily. Do not erase, write over, or blot out figures.
  2. b the general journal, the cash payment journal, and the accounts receivable ledger.
  3. c A request for payment.
  4. d Daily journal and checkbook
  5. e Form W-4

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  1. Auto expenses, dues and meetings, equipment, insurance, medical supplies, office expenses, printing, postage and, stationary, rent and maintenance, salaries, taxes and licenses, travel and entertainment, utilities, miscellaneous, personal withdrawals.
  2. Federal Unemployment Tax Act
  3. $25 to $50
  4. A record or notation of an occurrence, transaction, or proceeding.
  5. SS-5 form.

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  1. Employee's Withholding Allowance CertificateForm W-4


  2. Form W-3The Transmittal of Income and Tax Statement. Employers must file form annualy to transmit wage and income tax withheld statements (Form W-2) to the Social Security Administration.


  3. Disbursement journalis a record that is used to make payments.


  4. General journalis a record where transactions are entered.


  5. Accounts payableDebts incurred and not yet paid.