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Chapter 9 Test

Schilling Test

diagnostic for pernicious anemia

PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time)

monitors heparin therapy

ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)

measure RBC settling distance

Coomb's Test

direct antiglobulin test


measure percentage of erythrocytes in blood


Another name for a white blood cell is a(n) ______________.


____________ are phagocytic agranulocytes.


A(n) _____________, also called an agglutinogen, stimulates the production of an antibody.


The ___________ ____________ virus is diagnostic for mononucleosis.


A rare iron metabolism disease, ___________, is associated with hemolytic anemias.


___________ ____________ mixes the donor blood with the recipient blood to determine blood compatibility.


____________ are phagocytic granulocytes.


Another name for a clotting cell, or thrombocyte, is a(n) _____________.

Polycythemia vera

___________ _____________ is an abnormal proliferation of blood cells leading to an increase in blood viscosity and blood volume.


A(n) ____________ is a plasma substance formed because of the presence of an antigen.


___________ secrete histamine and heparin, and constitue less than 1% of all white blood cells.


A medical specialist in the field of hematology is called a(n) ____________.

acute myelogenous leukemia

AML, which stands for ____________ __________ _____________, is characterized by immature granulocytes.

pneumocystis carinii

An AIDS-related disease is ___________ ____________ pneumonia (PCP).


Neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils are ___________, one of the two categories of leukocytes.


The clear, thin, and sticky fluid portion of the blood that remains after coagulation is called thromboplastin.


Immunity with which we are born, or genetic immunity, is also known as acquired immunity.


A craving to eat unusual substance (non-food substances), including, but not limited to, things such as clay, dirt, starch, chalk, glue, ice, and hair is known as pica.


Another name for a clot is a thrombus.


The watery, straw-colored, fluid portion of the lymph and the blood in which the leukocytes, erythrocytes, and platelets are suspended is called plasma.


The health specialist whose training and experience is concentrated in immunology is called an immunologist.


Disease-producing microorganisms are called pathogens.


A reaction to treatment that occurs at the site it was administered is known as a systemic reaction.


The termination of bleeding by mechanical or chemical means or by the complex coagulation process of the body, consisting of vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation, and thrombin and fibrin synthesis is known as hemolysis.


The process of a cell engulfing and destroying bacteria is called phagocytosis.

Hemolytic Anemia

Which condition is characterized by excessive destruction of circulating red blood cells?


What is the medical term for an excessive and uncontrolled increase of immature white blood cells?


Select the term that describes a craving to eat unusual substances (non-food substances), including, but not limited to, things such as clay, dirt, starch, chalk, glue, ice, and hair.

Aplastic Anemia

Which condition is known as bone marrow depression anemia?

Gamma Globulins

Which plasma proteins function as antibodies in the immune system?


What is a circulating clot called?

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Identify the type of anemia that is characterized by a deficiency of hemoglobin due to a lack of iron in the body.


What is the name of the orange-yellow pigment of bile formed principally by the breakdown of hemoglobin in red blood cells after termination of their normal life span?


Which term means an abnormal condition of the blood characterized by red blood cells of variable and abnormal size?


What is a clot that forms and stays in place called?


Select the term that best describes the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitial spaces.

Hemophilia A

What is classic hemophilia also known as?


Select the term that best describes the clumping of cells as a result of interaction with specific antibodies called aggluttinins.

Pernicious Anemia

What is the anemia that is a result of a deficiency of mature red blood cells called?

non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

What is histiocytic lymphoma also known as?

Hemophilia B

What is Christmas disease also known as?


What is any disorder of lymph nodes or lymph vessels called?


Select the term that best describes a condition characterized by red blood cells of variable and abnormal size.


What is the production of formed elements of blood called?


Which plasma protein helps maintain normal blood volume?

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