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It was the start of the American Revolution

Why were the battles of Lexington and Concord important?

After the Battle of Bunker Hill

When did the British realize that fighting the colonists wouldn't be easy?

French sent soldiers to the Ohio Valley to drive the British Out

What was the major cause of the French vs. Indian Wars?

They passed the Sugar Act

What did the British do to help pay for the costs?

The started the Committees of Correspondence

How did many colonists protest taxes placed on British goods?

They sent letters about what's going on in their colony

How did Committees of Correspondence help fight British rule?

The Declaration of Independence was passed

What happened on July 4th 1776 that makes it such an important date in history?

Paper items

What items did the Stamp Act tax?

Colonists should claim their independence

What did the pamphlet Common Sense call for?

John Dickenson

Who heads the committee that wrote the articles of confederation?

They talked about having articles of confederation in every colony

What was the effect that the articles of confederation have on the new nation?

The Second Continental Congress

What group met after the after the fighting at Lexington and Concord?

George Washington

Who was the commander and chief of the continental congress?

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