Controlled Substances

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DEA form for record of controlled substances destroyed
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Amphetamine containing products
Carfentanil-veterinary use only
Dronabinol solution
Hydrocodone containing products
Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse)
Meperidine (Demerol)
Oxycodone-containing products
Copy ___ is forwarded to the DEA2Initial forms 222 can be requested on the form ___, which is the application for initial DEA registration224Additional 222 forms can be ordered on the ____ website or by calling the DEA Headquarters Registration Unit or the nearest DEA Field OfficeDEARules for 222 forms (6)The 222 must be filled completely and legibly or it cannot be filled and will be returned to the purchaser; 222 will be sent back if alterations or cross-outs are present Once completed, the purchaser keeps copy 3; if the top two copies are not attached, the supplier cannot accept the order and will return the copies to the pharmacy If the supplier cannot provide the entire quantity, the supplier can provide a partial shipment and supply the balance within 60 days from the date the 222 was completed by the purchaser; copy 2 is sent to the DEA by the end of the month during which the order was fulfilled Order is checked in by the pharmacist who will record the number of packages received and the date received on copy 3 Federal law requires the purchaser to keep copy 3 of the 222 for at least 2 years; all records related to CII drugs are kept separate from other formsThe registrant must keep a ___ (i.e. the invoice or packing slip) on which the registrant records the date the drugs were received and confirms that the order was accurate; must contain name, formulation, number of units, number of containers ordered and recievedReceiptA prescription for a controlled substance for a legimate medical purpose may only be issued by ___ who is authorized to prescribe by the jurisdiction or state, registered or exempt from DEA registration, an agent or employee of a hospital or institution acting in the normal course of business under the registration of the hospital or institutionMD/DO DDS,DMD DPM (podiatrist) DVM (vet) MLP (mid-level practitioner)Each DEA number begins with 2 letters, followed by 7 numbers; the last number is called the ___; the first letter identifies the type of practitioner or institutionCheck digitDEA starts with ABFGHospital, clinic, practitioner, teaching institution, pharmacyDEA starts with MMid-level practitioner (NP, PA)DEA starts PRManufacturer, distributor, researcher, analytical lab, importer, exporter, reverse distributer, narcotic treatment programSecond letter of the DEA number is the ____First letter of the prescriber's last nameIf a practitioner is authorized to prescribe narcotics for opioid addiction treatment, the practitioner will receive a DATA 2000 waiver unique identification number; number is the same as the DEA number, except that the letter ___ replaces the first letterXHow to check a DEA numberAdd the 1st, 3rd and 5th digits Add the 2nd, 4th and 6th digits Multiple the result of step two by 2 Add the results of step one and step three together; last digit of this sum should match the last digit of the prescriber's DEA numberNon-scheduled drugs and schedule V drugs ____ and do not have a refill limit; schedule III-IV drugs are valid up to ___ from the issue date and are limited to 5 refills; schedule II drugs do not expireDo not expire, 6 monthsPrescriptions for controlled substances mustBe signed and dated by the prescriber Have the DEA numberPharmacists can receive prescriptions for ____ drugs verbally; and they must be reduced to writing; exception of the prescriber's signature and dateSchedule III, IV and VOral prescriptions of ____ are not valid except in emergency situationsSchedule IIFederal law permits prescribers to designate an agent to communicate new and refill information to pharmacists by ____ or ____Telephone, faxFaxed prescriptions are acceptable for ____; prescriber has to sign the fax prior to sendingSchedule III-VFaxed prescriptions for schedule II drugs cannot serve as ______; some prescriber's offices will fax the prescription to the pharmacy, and provide the patient with the same prescription to bring to the pharmacy; schedule II drug cannot be dispensed to the patient until the patient gives the written prescription to the pharmacyThe original prescriptionWhen a prescription is received electronically, federal law requires that the prescription and all required annotations (corrections) must be stored electronically for at least __ years2Schedules III and IV prescriptions may be refilled up to ___ of the date written; after 5 refills or after 6 months, whichever occurs first, a new prescription will be required5 times within 6 monthsAll computer generated prescription and refill documentation must be stored in a separate file at the pharmacy and must be maintained for a period of ___ from the dispensing date2 yearsA prescription for controlled substances can be filled for less than the full amount in certain circumstances; this is called ____; helps decrease the amount of unnecessary and usused drugsPartial fillingPartial refills of schedule III, IV and V drugs are permitted by the DEA if it is recorded in the same manner as a refill and if the total quantity dispensed in all of the fills does not exceed the total quantity prescribed; no dispensing can occur beyond ___ past the date issue; partial fills are not considered refills6 monthsPartial filling of schedule II prescription are permissible in the following scenarios:The pharmacy does not have sufficient stock of the drug: within 72 hours after first partial fill Partial filling of an emergency oral prescription: within 72 hours after issue date The partial fill is requested by the patient or the practitioner that wrote the prescription: within 30 days after issue date Partial filling for terminally ill patients: within 60 days after issue date Partial filling for LTCF residents: within 60 days after issue dateSchedule III, IV and V drugs are only allowed ___ that must be by direct communication between two licensed pharmacists; only exception is if the pharmacies share a real time, online databaseOne transferSome of the ___ or codeine-containing cough syrups (Cheratussin AC) are not considered prescription drugs, as defined by the FDA; some states permit the pharmacist to sell select controlled substances directly to patients without a prescriptionSchedule VTo purchase non-prescription controlled substances the patient must be at least 18 years of age; provide proper identification; pharmacist has to record the following in a bound record book:Patient's name and address Drug name Quantity purchased Date of each purchase Pharmacist's name or initialsThe rising death toll due to inappropriate/excessive opioid use has spurred a national movement to make ___ more widely available to the public; is an opioid antagonist that binds to and displaces the opioid from the receptor sitesNaloxoneOpioid treatment programs must register with the DEA with form ____; methadone is an effective schedule II drug used by opioid treatment clinics to treat opioid dependence; the 40 mg dose is only indicated for opioid addiction; the lower doses are indicated for pain and opioid addiction; patients must visit the clinic every day for a minimum of three months to receive and ingest a supervised dose of methadone; after three months, eligible patients can gradually take home increased amounts of doses363A ___ or its electronic equivalent must accompany the transfer of schedule II drugs222The DEA registered reverse distributor who will destroy the controlled substances is responsible for filling out a ___ when the controlled substances have been destroyedForm 41Although not required by federal law, the pharmacy should also report any significant losses of controlled substances to ____ if theft is suspectedLocal law enforcementThe DEA ___ is also used to report in-transit losses of controlled substances, which is the responsibility of the wholesaler/distributor who is shipping the drugs to the pharmacyForm 106The breakage, damage or spillage of controlled substances is reported on a DEA ___ and is not considered a loss of controlled substances; may be disposed of through a reverse distributor or by a DEA approved processForm 41DEA requires all records of controlled substances be kept for ___2 yearsAll schedule II drug records must be kept ___ from all other records; all records of schedules III, IV and V drugs must be kept either separately from all other records or stored in such a way that the information required is readily retrievable from other recordsSeparateOptions for filing prescriptionsOption 1: three separate files Option 2: two separate files i.e. a file for schedule II drugs and then a file for all other drugs dispensedIf option 2 for filing is used, a prescription for a schedule III, IV or V drug must be made readily retrievable by stamping a ____ in red ink on the lower right hand corner of the prescription; letter must be at least an inch high; waived if the pharmacy has an electronic prescription recordkeeping system, which can identify the controlled drugs by the prescription numberLetter CFederal law requires keeping electronic records for ___Two yearsInventory is taken minimally on a biennial basis (every ___ years); inventory records of schedule II drugs must be kept separate from all other controlled substances2 yearsHave restricted distribution; used to make illicit drugsPseudoephedrine, ephedrinePseudoephedrine and ephedrine must be kept ____ or in a ____Behind the counter, locked cabinetMax limits for pseudoephedrine or ephedrine3.6 g/day 9 g/30 days 7.5 g/30 days for mail order purchaseTo purchase pseudoephedrine or ephedrine must show ___ issued by the state/federal government; customers must record their name, address and the date and time of the sale and sign the logbook; store staff then must verifyPhoto identificationLabeling on OTC drugs is written for ___ who may not have medical trainingPatientsInformation in drug facts panelActive ingredient Purposes Uses Warnings Directions Other information: sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, inactive ingredients Contact information