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Thai music

Ritual songs

Form of music come in two variations the suod and the thes


the chanting of religious verses that is used to worship spiritual and supernatural beings


a ritual song that is used to performed with improvisions and by is learned by memory. Used in Poetry and recitation and speech

Entertainment songs

this group of songs is basically secular and is used to tell stories about customs and traditions

Phleng Klomdek

used in nursery rhymes with irregular rhythm

Phleng bork

songs for male singer that tell stories and news


solo song that is popular in central Thailand. Combination of three comunication aspects--speaking, singing, praying

He ruea

Boat song sung following the rhythm of the oarsmen


originally a beggar's music that has been adapted for the puppet play called Hun Krabork

Ranat thum

(Idophone) a box-shaped metallphone that is placed on the floor and played while sitting.

Khawng wong lek

(Idiophone) a set of gong circles with low pitches that are an octave lower than the Khawng wong yai

Khawng wong yai

(Idiophone) also a circle of gongs. the largestr of all the set o f gongs in thailand.

Ching chap

(Idiophone) a set of percussion intruments linked to a pair of cymbals


(Membranophone) is somewhat similar to the saphon of india. A drum place on a stand


(Membranophone) A shallow drum that looks like a tambourine without the metallic discs


(Membranophone) shaped like a crocodile

Saw sam sai

(Membranophone) resembles the Japanese shamisen, but is triangular in shape with a spiked leg


(Aerophone) Believe to be truly a Thai instrument used since the ancient times.


(Aerophone) is the most important folk instrument in the north Thailand and Laos

Mohori ensemble

string instruments. To accompany songs and plays.

Piphat ensemble

Percussion and woodwind.Used in court ceremonies.

Piphat Khryang Ha

composed of one ranad ek, one khawng wong yai, one taphon, a pair of glang that, one pi nai, and one ching.

Khruang Saay ensemble

String instrument and Wind instrument.

Trabeated construction

the columns stood vertically, while the beams are laid horizontally.

Egyptian murals

represent their daily lives, religious, events and mythical symbols

Archaic Period

Greek sculpture strived to portray the perfection of human form

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