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When applied to the arm, constricts the flow of blood in the arm and makes the veins more prominent.

Complete Blood Count


Red Blood Cell


Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (or heparin)



Clear, straw-colored liquid that is used for many of the tests done in the lab. The liquid is extracted from clots, without the fibrinogen.


Liquid portion of uncoagulated blood. The fluid that provides a matrix for blood cells, electrolytes, proteins, and chemicals to travel throughout the body,via the blood vessels.


red blood cells

16 g

Most commonly used in blood banking donations

18 g

Not used for phlebotomy; but sometimes used in blood banking/donations

23 g

Often considered too small, can cause hemolysis of blood cells; used sometimes with butterfly system

21 g

Most common size used with vacuum tubes


degree of thickness of a liquid

erythrocyte sedimentation rate



what color tube has no additives?

EDTA (liquid form)

What is in a lavender tube top?

Red-Gray mottled (Tiger Top), Gold Top,

Which tube top has a serum separator?

Light Blue

What color tube is used for coagulation studies?

The median cubital vein, cephalic and basilic veins in the antecubital space which is located anterior to the elbow.

What veins are most common used for venipuncture?


process by which blood clots

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