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What are the five books of Moses called?
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What are the synoptic gospels?Matthew, Mark, LukeWhat does Synoptic mean?Seeing together, the gospels that present the story of Jesus' life from the same standpointWhat does Allah mean?"the god", the same word used by Arabic-speaking Jews and ChristiansWhich group is known for their connection with the Temple and their collaboration with the Roman imperial governmentSadduceesStrict interpretation of law, ritual emphasis , celibate, us vs them mentality, rejects authority of romansEssenesPriestly party, legal and theological conservative, friendly to roman rule, reject oral torah, no death and resurrectionSadduceesDon't want to be ruled by anyone but God, sought to overthrow the Roman government, always armed and start a rebellionZealotsnot concerned with politics, willing to incorporate roman and greek culture, progressive reading of the oral torah, believe in death and resurrection, looked forward to messiah, fathers of rabbinic JudaismPhariseesWhat is the Gospel of Q?a hypothetical source text for the gospelsWho was the first Christian emperor who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?ConstantineSecond in authority to Islamic scripture, what are the Hadith?stories of Muhammed's lifeThe Shia-Sunni divide in Islam occurred over what point?Who should succeed the founder of Islam as leaderWho was the founder of the Bahai faith?Baha'u'llahWhat is generally the primary focus of African religionsmortalityWhat is the primary text of African indigenous religions?NoneWho were the first recipients of a Latter-day Saint mission to non-white, non-English-speaking peoples?The Lamanites (Native Americans)Who is the sociologist who predicted the restored Church of Jesus Christ was on track to become a new world religion?Rodney StarkThe dispersion of Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE is known as what?Diaspora"Sola scriptura" is an important phrase in Protestant thought meaning what?Only scripture [is authoritative]Sola FideJustification by faith aloneWhat does the word "Quran" mean?It means recitationWhat does Islam meanSubmission to the will of AllahWho is the current global leader of the Bahai faithThe universal house of justiceWhat are the primary entities of supernatural interaction in African indigenous religionsancestorsWhat is the typical role of a creator god when one exists in an African pantheon?Minimal, because the work of creation is completeThe coming-of-age ceremony making a young Jew's entrance into adulthood is known as what?Bat/bar mitzvahWhat does Bar Mitzvah mean?son of the commandment or lawWhat is the doctrine of Original SinAdams first sin was transferred through the generationsWhat was the Arian controversy?a debate over the divinity of Jesus and His relationship to the FatherThe Council of Nicaea is known for resolving what issue?The nature of JesusThe Trinity of NicaeaThe truth that God, although one, is three Divine Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 3 people 1 godPassover marks what event in Jewish historyThe Exodus from EgyptThe Reformation gained official sanction in England when Henry VIII sought to circumvent the Pope's denial for what?a divorceWhat are the three major divisions of ChristianityCatholic, Orthodox, ProtestantWhat is transubstantiation?When the bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Christ.What is Sharia?law (literally, "path to water")What is jihad?"struggle in the way of God"What do the Bahai believe about major religious figures, such as the Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammed?they are manifestations of the names and attributes of GodWhat are the primary scriptural writings of Bahaithere are thousands, including writings of the founder and his successorWhat function do witchcraft accusations play in African societies?keeping individuals from deviating from social conventionsWhich temple was first to offer the endowment on film, which later became the standard for the whole Church?The Swiss Temple (now Bern Switzerland)Rabbinic Judaism is differentiated from previous forms of Judaism by what feature?Its focus on scripture and textWhat are the distinctive characteristics of evangelical Christianity?emphasis on conversion, biblical inspiration, the Atonement, and activismWhat are distinctive characteristics of fundamentalist Christianity?literal interpretation of scripture, inerrancy of Bible, reject evolutionWhat is Pentecostalism?An emphasis on spiritual gifts like those at the feast of PentecostWhat is the name for the period before Christmas commemorating the centuries of waiting for Christ's birthAdventWhich are the five pillars of islam1. Faith 2. Prayer 3. Alms 4. Fasting 5. PilgrimageWhat is the relationship between African indigenous religions (AIRs) and Christianity?many Africans continue some AIR practices alongside their ChristianityWhat prophet received the revelation granting priesthood and temple blessings to Latter-day Saints of African descentSpencer W. KimballWhat is the correct spelling and punctuation of the name of the Restored Church?The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsWhat future Church President was sent on a world tour to learn about conditions around the world?David O. McKaybaha'i beliefsgod is one, religion is one, humanity is oneWorld religion? Global religion? Difference? Jan ShipsNew religious movement, start out as a group of people who believe something innovative. You must make step through the routinization of charisma (Joseph Smith, find a way to make that charisma continue worked through BY). As a church grows, it will become a world religion. Not a world religion yetWorld religion? Global religion? Difference? Doug DaviesDefines a religion as a distinctive process for the conquest of death (through ritual practice to make death not a big deal, explanatory doctrine, and ethical pattern of life). Baptism with Christianity is a way that overcomes spiritual death. Explanatory doctrine which is why the world works the way that it does, and ethical pattern of life. World religion must delvop outside of its original culture. Must come outside of the American context for LDS. This would result in generating a textual historical traditions. This is also something we have avoided in the church for years. Is it global in that the church is just reproductions of the church in other areas of the world? Or, is it a world religion in that the LDS church has escaped the original context in which it was created on the frontier. Davies says that it is a global church not a world churchPhilip JenkinsCritized the church for the not having leaders from local areas rather than mission presidents, doesnt adapt to common african practices, the presence of islam, political unrest, and HIV Aids crisis. The Church isnt dealing with it and the church isnt growing as quickly as it could. A church leader said that the church is intentially doing so that it can grow in a strong predictable way. The theory of world religion doesnt take into account some of the things the church has been doing.Jehu HancilesDoctrinal fidelity, stay true to the original message. Making things part of the host culture aren't necessarily at odds. Acts 15, Saints join the church who are not originally Jewish. The ex Jews say that the saints in Antioch need to be circumcized. Paul found that the saints dont need to be circumsized, the gospel is as we read in the scriptures it is meant to be for everyone.