L1: 'Be' Verb +/?/-

+ positive - negative ? question

Terms in this set (...)

Sue is a doctor.
+ Sue doctor
Sue isn't a bus driver.
- Sue bus driver
Is Sue a doctor?
? Sue doctor
Ann is a photographer.
+ Ann photographer
Ann isn't a teacher.
- Ann teacher
Is Ann a teacher?
? Ann teacher
Is Jim an artist?
? Jim artist
Jim isn't a doctor.
- Jim doctor
Ms. Black is a bus driver.
+ Ms. Black bus driver
Josh isn't a bus driver.
- Josh bus driver
Is Ghazi a student?
? Ghazi student
Rakan is a nice guy?
+ Rakan nice guy
Anrisa and Josh are teachers.
+ Anrisa Josh teachers
Are Anrisa and Josh doctors?
? Anrisa Josh doctors
They aren't doctors.
- they doctors
They aren't artists.
- they artists
Are they artists?
? they artists
Are they nice people?
? they nice people
They are nice people.
+ they nice people