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How do you respond to sexual behavior by a resident?do not overreact, try to distract the resident, do not judge behavior, do not gossip about it, watch for problems causing it, and report it to nurse. if needed, provide privacyA person in a come may be able to use this sense.hearingWhat are ways to control body odor?a daily shower, deodorant, good oral hygiene, and clean undergarmentsWhat is the 4 step method used to gain control of and manage stress?Stop, breathe, reflect. and chooseAfter a NA recieves their work assignment, what is the first thing they should do?See if any resident needs immediate assistance (most important things first)What are the steps of the nursing process?assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation, ADPIEWhat physical changes occur in the body from stress?Blood vessels dilate, pupils dilate to improve vision, saliva production decreases, digestive tract slows, and kidney function slowsWhat are examples of psychological barriers?negative attitude and complaining