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Trinity Christian Academy Pre-AP Bio

Ocular Lense

Contains lens to increase magnification (usually 10x)


connects body tube to base where stage and adjustment knobs are located

Coarse Adjustment Knob

moves stage up and down approximately to correct distance

Fine Adjustment Knob

Permits finer focusing by moving the stage in smaller increments


supports microscope

Revolving Nosepiece

Revolves to allow changing various objectives


Contains Lenses of different magnification (usually 4x, 10x, 40/43x)

Stage Clips

Holds slide in place


Holds microscope slide; has opening for light to pass through


Regulates the amount of light going through stage

Light Source

Directs light upward through diaphram

Body Tube

Tube that supports eyepiece and connects it to objectives

Move slide right -- view goes _____


Move slide left -- view goes _____


finding total magnification

ocular power X objective power

1mm = ____µm

1000µm (micrometers)

how to find something within the field of view

find size of field of view, then estimate how many times an object could fit across it -- divide field of view size by that #

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